This Boston Terrier LOVES Ping Pong! It’s HILARIOUS What Happened this Time!


Because Ping Pong is a great sport to play and it’s involving balls… It can also be fun for a dog! 🙂

This 1.5 years old Boston Terrier named Charlie LOVES watching his owners play ping pong. He absolutely loves balls and whines the whole time they play. But this time something very funny happened! He caught it right in his mouth! It’s hilarious!

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Shane Patrick Stearrett

Christa Hershberger

Christa Hershberger


Véronique Boulay

Jsuis pas capable de l’ouvrir😌

Melody Hummel Wolf

Alexis Viager

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

I had to like your comment Melody Hummel, only because you are a St Louis Cardinals fan, it was mandatory. Combine that with the fact that you love Boston Terriers. I had not other option. Sorry.

Melody Hummel Wolf
Taylor Austin Raymer

Dustin Raymer 😍

Patty Miller Ethridge


Lauren Ethridge
Brad Harrison

Julie Dutton Harrison

Vickie Robin

So cute!

Courtney M. Cliffe

Conor Cliffe

Jennifer Foster Loebs

Jeremy Loebs

TriniDelite Cherry

Alexandria Sahai

Alexandria Sahai

Milo would try to eat the ball

TriniDelite Cherry

Alexandria Sahai no he would want us to throw it 😑

Cami Maston

Sky Nielsen

Aiya Maston

Pretty cute Cami Maston.

Mike Simone

Ping pong balls are my Molly’s favorite toy!

Terry Fulmer

Typical Boston!

Amanda Teixeira

Fernanda Marques Juw Teixeira