This Funny Boston Terrier doesn’t Like Sitting on Cold Hardwood Floors!


    Here is a video of a Boston Terrier named Stella. Apparently she doesn’t like when she has to sit on a hardwood floor!

    Watch the video below to see how this cute little dog figured out her way to avoid it! 🙂

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    Bill Milam

    Mine likes to stand on his kayak, lol!

    Karen Jensen

    Too cute!

    Robert Bornfleth

    How can you not love a Boston terrier! They make a great pet.

    Caroline Muelelr
    Caroline Muelelr

    You might want to remember than the Boston has a mutant gene or that tail. Sometimes the nerves are not running down the center of a perfect tail and can become cramped and pinched in those little crooked stumps. It might hurt her to sit on the floor or her back legs might just keep sliding. Also, if you want to go ahead with her training, I can tell you from personal experience-teaching the back up can be pretty tough. You have it already, so why not name it. She is a dolly and you must be so glad to… Read more »

    RichN'Roe Cherry

    Mine doesn’t either! Roe

    Breezy Gallant

    seems anything i put down on the floor, be it a towel or area rug, it is claimed by my otto’s behind…LOL

    Bianca Keen

    Jake Farrow

    Polly Anne Randall

    She is so cute ????

    Micki Fortenberry Dumke

    My Boston used to have a tennis ball just like that one…. used to…

    Lori Shelby

    Must be a Boston thing!

    Michelle Vanelli

    Shes a doll

    Carol Adriaans

    I have one Boston doesn’t like to sit on cold floors. Oh well, he doesn’t like anything cold or wet. My other Boston gets hot too easily so loves the cold floors!

    Chris Burks


    Nisha Burks

    Chris Burks

    Victoria Stewart


    Brianya Bowden

    Mine too!

    Jeanne McMahon

    I’ve had 2 Bostons that wouldn’t sit on a bare floor either.. They would also back up till they found a rug. I’ve also had 2 Bostons that didn’t care they would sit anyplace if there was a treat involved.

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    My female doesn’t either, she’ll either hover or back up til she finds a floor rug.

    Sharon Ponder Buckner


    Gary Fichman

    Mine are the same-hate a comd butt

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    Mine either, she backs her butt up til it’s on the carpet than sits.

    linda dang

    Bowzer refuses to put his butt on the cold floor!

    Roxy Clark


    Kelley Lacey Englert

    Same here….

    Pat McNamara

    Mine does the same. .must be a Boston thing! 🙂