This Funny Boston Terrier named Jane Spins Right Round in her Owner’s Bed!


Here is a video of a funny Boston Terrier named Jane who’s acting crazy in her owner’s bed! Anyone else got a little Boston Terrier who’s acting crazy just to entertain sometimes?

This One Spins Right Round! 🙂

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Rob Nahgeaux

Tenille Christine

Blondie Dean

Just being active

Antoinette Trimarchi-Vergona

My 11lb Precious is a live wire. She jumps from couch to couch in the living room & runs from one end of the house to the other. She hardly ever walks. Tosses her toys in the air and runs and slides. It’s a bit much but i wouldn’t be w/o her.

Antoinette Trimarchi-Vergona

My precious

Marguerite Tenorio

When u work out that hard who needs to go to the gym!👅❤️👅❤️👅❤️

Therese Burr

My BT, Yogi Berra, runs around the coffee table. Stops, throws one of his toys in the air, then runs again. Crazy fun! 🤓

Terri Pearson

Hahahaha…my Pepper Ann does the exact same thing lol!

Vanessa Bell

Julie Bell

Vanessa Bell

for another dog or the house i tagged u in ha ha

Julie Bell

Ha ha put it on wrong post 🏡

Tammy Morrison

Spunky puppy love it💜😍❤️

Diane Volk

Darling Jane

Betty Summers Matthews

Acts like my Max.

Varuna Auzenne

Lol my B does the same thing

Jim Nunes

They love to make you happy!

Aida Brown

Just a typical BT

Susanne Norton La Faver

Everyone needs a Boston or two!

Nancy Rogers

So quick, agile and just plain fun to watch!

Christina Lengeman Sheaffer

Our Baxter does this too. Love it!!

Margaret Cornett

My Boston Terrier , Maggie, does this when I am trying to make up the bed!

Starr Smith

I love watching when mine do that!

Sar JH

Hahaha my pup sparky does the same they are such a funny breed ☺️

Linda Rodrigues

Our Boston periodically delights us wit her show. She runs around in circle, twirls around, throws all the pillows off the bed! All the while her her ears are pinned back and her eyes are popping out. When she’s done she seem exhausted. Panting heavily. First time she did it, we couldn’t stop laughing!!’

Karla Fonseca

my Nemo does the same <3

Caroline Fortin

Stephaanie Fortinn

Stephaanie Fortinn

Ctun esti d’débile ton chien.

Stephaanie Fortinn

Pis l’couvre-lit d’la fille est pas assez épais bon Dieu.

Sharon Capener

So cute! Love this! 🙂

Margarett Hitt

Amanda Mock

Joan Miller

This adorable Boston reminds me of my Heidi actually looks like her 2


I love a Boston’s sense of humor and fair play. This Boston is a beautiful dog!

Tweep Tia & Dot

Tia acts like this too..Outside she runs round in circles so fast that we call it “zoomies”

Ryan Av

Cheryl Love Avina

Lilianne Turcotte

I miss my Daisy so much !

Heather Bendler

We call it “turbo butt”!!! Lol

Heather Bendler

Yes-an everyday occurrence in a Boston terrier household !!!!

Karyn Knight

Teri xx

Sandra Aikens

Mine used to do that too ,. Bostons are just the best..

Livi Thule

You know they are happy when they Spin! Zoe spins when she knows we are going for our daily walk!!!

Susanne Norton La Faver

Yep, just like Sparky!

Patty Groweg

I love it!..when they move so fast it looks like their butt is gonna tuck under and pass up the front end! Lol

Debi Bennett

They’re crazy little dogs, love to play and entertain! Our Harley does this kind of thing when we’re trying to make the bed too!!!

Sandy Ritchie

She is beautiful.

Sheryl Martin-Shephard

My Boston has been doing this everyday for 15 years. She may be blind and pretty much deaf, but she still loves to spin on our bed.

Sandra Williams

All Bostons are known to do this. Ours does the same thing when im getting ready for bed. Then she wants to play. They are funny.