Three Santa Boston Terrier Dogs are Skateboarding before Christmas!


After they finished their streets clean up, these three Boston Terrier dogs slipped on their Santa Claus suit and came back to town before christmas! 🙂

These three dogs are named Guizmo, Mia and Tuxedo. They were dressed like Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus around the city and they also showed some of their skills like riding on their skateboard!

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Phyllis Thompson

Love it!!😍

María Luisa Alvarez Barrancos

Papaaa el mio para cuando?? Gustavo de Gracia

Gustavo de Gracia

Mañanaa 😍😍

Arturo Granados

Lana Weedon

Lana Weedon

That’s it- I’m buying George a skateboard for Christmas!

Tammy Morrison

Great video thx for sharing and happy holidays to everyone 😍💜❤️️ I’m sure if your shopping around this puts a smile on your face if you see them skateboarding brings a lot of happiness warmth and joy to our hearts💜❤️️ it would mine

Rachel Giometti

Nicholas Hozzian

Sophie Dôme


Diane Volk

Fabulous athletes

Angie Wyly-Boitnott

Peggy Wyly

Peggy Wyly


Lucy Gomez McCay

L❤️ve these BTs! 🐾

Matias Stella

Mariela Alaniz 😍

Mariela Alaniz

Quiero uno, quiero mil ❤

Penny Boisvenue

Marc Pagé

Debra Sears Farmer

BTs are the best!

Diane Fawcett

heather barclay fawcett


Those are some bad santas! #bacontheboston

Allan Hopkins

Katharine Hopkins Compare what they do to what our Boston does (sleep).

Katharine Hopkins
Katharine Hopkins


Will Maxwell

Great pic!!

Aiya Maston

Cami Maston, you should watch these parkour dogs.

Tina Holmgren


Bibi Tolentino Tasker

Absolutely fabulous ❤️💋💋💋

Karen Jensen

Oh my, how cute!

Jan Russ

<3 !!!!

Paige Elizabeth Bradbury

Doug Wilson

Dan Beilman

This is just one amazing smart talented breed. They are so easy to train. Shar Pei’s are great but these guys are much smarter and make you LAUGH every day!!! WE have an 8 week old puppy, her ears are already straight up, the first day she learned how to use the doggie door to go out, barks when someone comes to the door and is a total cuddle bug. Shes so adorable!! 8 weeks!!!

Phyllis Ballarino

C’mon Cosmo, you can do this like your buddies.

Susanne Norton La Faver

Maggie Frazier

Maggie Frazier

They are so cute! Thank you for sharing this.

Aiya Maston

Cami Maston, these are some serious parcour Boston’s!

Angela Nicholson

So cute my boy Barry wouldn’t keep his Santa’s hat on he got it off and chewed the pom pom off. Didn’t even get chance to take a picture 🙁

Elaine Gibbins

Lovely xx

Mariana Almeida

Katie Jones Amanda Teixeira

Kelly Brabbs

Janet Armstrong

Barbara Root Printz