Tiny Boston Terrier Puppy is Only 12 Hours Old!


There is already a few pictures of newborn Boston Terriers on this website.

Some people had a litter of Bostons. Here is a video with one of them at 12 hours old in the hands of a human.

It’s just so tiny after birth!  🙂

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133 Comments on "Tiny Boston Terrier Puppy is Only 12 Hours Old!"

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Lindsay Buchanan

Omg!!!! Brandon Buchanan

Bob Buchanan

Brandon Buchanan Yep….Me too….:)

Brandon Buchanan

Just adorable! Man I love these dogs!

Phyllis Thompson

So so cute. I’d love to have many more!😍

Melissa Kaye Sanders

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer LaCour

12 hours ?!? put him back with his mommy right now !!!!!!

Carole Ross Nelson

Oh my too too adorable!!! 💙💙💙