Tiny Boston Terrier Puppy is Only 12 Hours Old!


    There is already a few pictures of newborn Boston Terriers on this website.

    Some people had a litter of Bostons. Here is a video with one of them at 12 hours old in the hands of a human.

    It’s just so tiny after birth!Β  πŸ™‚

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    Lindsay Buchanan

    Omg!!!! Brandon Buchanan

    Brandon Buchanan

    Just adorable! Man I love these dogs!

    Bob Buchanan

    Brandon Buchanan Yep….Me too….:)

    Phyllis Thompson

    So so cute. I’d love to have many more!😍

    Melissa Kaye Sanders

    Jennifer Gray

    Jennifer LaCour

    12 hours ?!? put him back with his mommy right now !!!!!!

    Carole Ross Nelson

    Oh my too too adorable!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

    Diane Tinker Davey

    I got the runt of the litter and she is the sweetest girl in the world

    Jose Andres Remolina Garcia

    Daniela Galeano

    Richard Dillon

    Jessica Jo-Ann Dillon

    Rusti Miller Cable

    Kevin Cable

    Kathy Bayne Tilley

    99% of these babies have to be born thru cicerean birth………..

    Sharon Northup

    I’d love another one of these!

    Fatima PeyCheh

    Feleen Gittens Kayla Cardinal

    Linda Hutson

    How much and will he be for sale?

    Deborah Lundeen

    Be still my heart.

    Sonia Atkinson

    Aw I want 1 😍😍😍😍

    Kelly Merrell

    Lee Pasch

    Simon Lees

    Kirstie Waring

    Pascal Agoguet

    ClΓ©ment Agoguet

    Carol Rake

    My granddaughter saw a picture of my BT at 2 weeks and her response was ” she looks just like a hamster “!

    Nicholas Joseph Moore

    Alisha Meinhart Brutus!

    Tiffany Hawkins Jones

    Tressa Powell Hawkins watch this. Lu was that tiny!

    Tressa Powell Hawkins

    Awe so sweet!!

    Pierrette Perella MacGregor

    I wonder how many I raised???? Loved them all though.

    Pierrette Perella MacGregor

    I never got $900?

    Christine Stock

    Precious!!! I can’t remember ours being that small

    Donnamarie Mccabe

    Looks like an adorable baby piggy.

    Shannon Massie Turner

    Love Boston’s!

    Patty Miller Ethridge

    Amy–show this to Bug. He was asking how small BT’s are when they’re born. Soooo cute!

    Michelle Griggs


    Darren Dupuis

    Awwwwww so cute!!!

    Joan E Radcliffe

    They are the best!

    Larry Walz

    I really feel sorry for the people that see this little creature as a dollar sign. I’m not saying to give them away, but $900! Who can afford that???

    Lori Brown

    A lot of people actually. I’ve seen them a lot more expensive then that.

    Larry Walz

    Well, us po folk can’t afford one….no matter how much they cost. My one and only cost $150.

    Carri Palmer

    Β£1,800 over here for KC reg, show dog parents…

    Zara Cooper

    3,500+ here in Australia!!!

    Larry Walz


    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    Both of mine were free and my boy even has papers. I was lucky. There’s a BT rescue in NTX.

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    When my boy was a few weeks old. He’s 8 yrs old now. He was the runt.

    Tim Eberle

    The grow up too FAST!!! πŸ™

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    I know. He was such a tiny little thing we had to put a cat collar on him cuz we would lose him in the house and he wore a ferret shirt when he was cold. Full grown he’s only 14lbs now. His litter mates are twice that size.

    Lee Ann Brown Kenyon

    I want one

    Nina Nelson Sarvis

    They are very cute, but they are “stubborn”.

    Nina Nelson Sarvis

    Awww! I have my second boston, the first passed from cancer.

    Lynn Grant

    So sweet!

    Donna Weatherly


    Nicole Frazier

    Brian Orr

    Lisa Schuemann

    Laura Schuemann πŸ’œ

    Rose Radocha

    Cutest dog everπŸ’œ

    Pat Lechocki

    So… cute

    Mary Ensch

    Josh Russell awww so wittttle.

    Linda Glover

    Love them I have one very smart

    Ellen Lorenz


    Joanna Litchfield

    just put him back with his mommy please

    Judy Higgins-Parker

    I agree…

    Carri Palmer

    It’s only a picture…

    Ashlie Polder

    Luke Hoffman!!!

    Kristina Guglielmi

    For the love of God letti does not need to have more babies Ashlie!

    Elizabeth Holmes

    Our newborns Thanksgiving babies

    Sharon Capener

    My daughter’s Boston is a wonderful dog… This baby is adorable.

    Patricia Trueblood Bontrager

    Brittney McFarland

    Bea Jacobson

    Boston’s are the best !!!!

    Dorothy Swinke

    How could I go about adopting 1?