Tiny Boston Terrier Puppy Survives after 30 Minutes Inside a Running Dryer


    When you are the owner of a little dog, you have to be responsable and make sure that your dog is safe. But, no one can think of everything, there are things that you may not think of and who would have thought that a dryer could be a danger for a dog?

    A three months old Boston Terrier named Penny from England, almost lost her life after being locked inside a dryer. The tiny dog was playing with her 2 year old human when the toddler decided to put the tiny Boston Terrier inside the dryer with some wet clothes. Without knowing that the puppy was inside the dryer with the wet clothes, the 14 year old sister turned on the machine to dry the clothes.

    Tiny Boston Terrier Puppy Survives after 30 Minutes Inside a DryerSource: Mirror

    About 30 minutes later,  the girls’ 31 year old mother, Christine suddenly realized that the puppy was missing. She started to search everywhere and then she thought about checking the dryer. She opened the dryer door to found little Penny, very hot, but still alive among the sheets.

    She found her limp and panting with her tongue hanging out and feeling hot. Christine immediately took Penny upstairs and put the pup under the cold tap, but when Penny did not come round she immediately took the puppy to the vet.

    tiny-boston-terrier-puppy-survives-after-30-minutes-inside-a-dryerSource: Mirror

    The vets told her to prepare for the worst. But, miraculously two days after the incident, Penny was running around like normal with no lasting damage. 🙂

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    IElsa Henriques

    poor baby

    Susan Floyd

    That’s Fuvked Up!!! Be more responsible not acceptable!!

    Leonie Werts

    Nick Meeuws

    Jan Lindahl

    Poor baby I’m glad she was able to be saved

    Char Priest Worswick

    So Glad He’s OK !!! ❤️

    Melissa Wehmeyer

    poor baby.glad she is ok.

    Nicky Robinson

    My Boston Terrier Chibi loves to jump in the dryer and lay on the warm clothes when I’m trying to unload it. I would never leave her unsupervised though .

    Simone Pond

    i hope this is a warning for people to please be more careful!!! this story makes me very sad.


    It turns my stomach into knots 🙁
    I just can’t handle these kind of stories.

    Ana Rosa Grimal

    Thank God she is okay. She is adorable ????

    Al Kenzo

    OMG !! Poor little Puppyyyyyyyy !!!

    Nancy L Strong

    Oh my, how lucky he was ????

    Diane Brown Wilder

    Poor baby! My BT loved to lay on my warm, freshly washed laundry basket of clothes!

    Yolanda James

    So glad Penny survived!

    Debbie Maddux St Romain

    Poor little thing

    Bibi Tolentino Tasker

    Very lucky pretty baby ❤️????????????

    Tammi Mclaughlin

    I had a cat that got killed in a dryer when I was a kid. I know the dangers all too well. Poor little puppy!

    Myra Nuckols

    Glad the poor baby is ok

    Gray Haven


    Sharon Lovelace

    Now how did that happen. Really.

    Pam Rehling Young Beck

    OMG What a Lucky little girl! So cute!