To Carry a Boston Terrier – Any Recommendations for a Airplane Dog Carrier?


Here is a question from Kelly asking for some recommendations for a airplane dog carrier.

She says : “I’m looking for a carryon airplane dog carrier for my 23lb Boston for an upcoming trip. Recommendations??? Also, prefer a carrier with wheels. Thank you in advance!”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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To Carry a Boston Terrier - Any Recommendations for a Airplane Dog Carrier?

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Jamie Jamison Mosher

He’ fairly large to put in a carrier that will fit under the seat.. Hope it’s not a long flight Definitely a mesh soft sided carrier

Kelly Phillips

He’s 23 lbs and a thin build. This is why I am inquiring four months in advance, so I can see if it is feasible to fly with him. But to answer your question, it is a 2 hour direct flight.

Kelly Phillips

I noticed you are a flight attendant. What is the largest weight size dog that you have seen travel by air?

Jamie Jamison Mosher

I’m sorry Kelly but I retired in 2006 but the standards are that the carrier must fit under the seat……may not extend into the area by your feet & the dog should be able to stand, lay down & turn around. That pretty much narrows it down to around 20 lbs or under!

Nicolene Pienaar Knoetze

My pups

Teah Reichard

😍 Cayci Reichard

Kelly Phillips

CONCERNED PEOPLE- I am NOT STORING MY DOG UNDER THE PLANE WITH THE BAGGAGE!! He would be flying in the passenger section in a 👉🏼CARRYON👈🏼 dog carrier…..thank you for helpful recommendations

Mark Hutchinson

Say … DUH!! Some people just look for drama.

Kim Martin

I read some where some Air Lines won’t let them fly because of can have difficult breathing?????

Kelly Phillips

It is only if they are in the baggage section under the plane, Not when they are in the passenger section.

Sherri Motl

DON’T DO IT! Push face dogs die on flights in cargo MUCH MORE OFTEN!!! 😨😠

Kelly Phillips

Read the actual post!!!!!! I am bringing my dog on the plane with me in the passenger section!!

Sherri Motl

Oh good! I couldn’t read the post, it wouldn’t expand on my device. I wasn’t trying to attack you, just worried about your Boston baby and thought it might be a first trip.

Judy Wolf

My girl is not large but still weighs almost 3o lbs. If I had to fly her, I would have have to buy her a seat. I would do that. Allegant is affordable, I’d never fly her on cargo.

Ana Nomis

This is the one I use to take my pup on the plane. It fits beneath the seat laying down and is a backpack and roller bag. I use it as a backpack for ease. My boy is 11 lbs, so you might want to check out the “plus” model of the same bag.

Ana Nomis

But this bag does have expanding sides so it may still work for you. I’d just measure it out to be sure.

Kelly Phillips

Ana Nomis thanks so much for your input!

Dorthe Andreasen

Funny color not accepted in Denmark – but nice 😊🐾👍

Kelly Phillips

I chose Bogart because of his beautiful eyes and charming personality, not his pedigree. But thanks ☺️👌🏼❤️

Joyce Powell

What do you mean colored Boston’s aren’t acceptable in Denmark? If they are a pet their color shouldn’t be an issue. My dogs grandparents were both black and white and his momma was red and white and dad black and white. These dogs originated in Boston Massachusetts, the USA. They were originally red. What’s Denmarks issue on colored Bostons? This dog is absolutely gorgeous. So, that statement wasn’t necessary. She’s looking to travel, most likely not to Denmark.

Aaron Smith

Might have been an English-as-2nd-language issue. She might have meant more that that color is uncommon or unknown in Denmark.

Sharon Merryman

If this is his/her first time traveling, with BT’s known to be very anxious, I would suggest you talk to your vet and let them give you something to mellow them out. He could freak out and hurt his self. Or worse.

Kelly Phillips

Thank you, I definitely will check with my vet as well. He is already an anxious car rider, even though he loves to go for rides. Lol.

Kelly Phillips
Sharon Merryman

Kelly Phillips , very welcome. Mine is very anxious as well with car rides, I think it is more because he’s very excited to be going “bye byes” He does settle down. But, seriously check with your vet though.

Sharon Merryman

Oh my gosh, he’s cute!!!

Kelly Phillips

Sharon Merryman thanks again ❤️

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

My 26 lb Boston has traveled to Istanbul from Canada and then to Italy and back. We didn’t give him anything when he travelled because we were told that it could affect his natural ability to self regulate. We did make sure that he was very used to his crate before he flew so that it was a happy spot for him to go.

Kelly Phillips

Lisa Wambolt-Smith do you have a crate recommendation?

Elaine Moura

Lisa Wambolt-Smith Could you share type/brand and the size of the crate/carrier you used? we also have a 25lbs Boston and it seems that all approved carriers/crate we find are too small for him. Would you mind sharing which airline did you use for your trips?

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

Kelly Phillips sorry. Just seeing this now

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

Elaine Moura This is his crate. Approximately 80cm x 60cm x 70cm. It’s a Petmate.

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

We flew with Lufthansa and Condor. They recommended the really big crate because of the snub nosed breed to allow for extra air flow

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

And just to clarify – he had to fly in cargo because he was so big.

Kelly Phillips

Lisa Wambolt-Smith ok I’m looking for a passenger area carrier so he can fly next to me. But thanks for the recommendation.

Kelly Phillips

Thank you Boston Terrier for sharing my question.
It appears Southwest Airlines and Allegiant airlines do not have a specific weight limit, just a pet carrier size limit. American Airlines is 20lbs INCLUDING the carrier weight

Cheryl Kapustka

Check your airline, the weight restriction used to be 20 pounds for a carry-on animal.

Denise Lorene

20lb last time I checked too

Kelly Phillips

Thank you Cheryl, I was not aware it was different for each airline.

Megan Mays

So, how does that work as a carry-on? You keep the carrier at your feet or on your lap?

Kelly Phillips

Megan Mays under your seat in front of you. Airlines have gotten very strict with carrier size, etc., so I’m trying to research it well in advance of travel. Each airline has its own size and weight restrictions.