Top Reasons Why It’s Great to Be a Boston Terrier Dog!


As viewed by their owners, here are some of the best reasons why life is great when you’re a Boston Terrier dog! 🙂

Have you found another reason why it’s great to be a Boston Terrier dog?

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1. It doesn’t take much to make you happy. You’re always excited to see the same old people. All they have to do is leave the room for five minutes and come back.

Smiling! - Rudy the Boston Terrier from Lisle, IL, USA (Photo)

2. You don’t need anything fancy to entertain you. You only need a ball to entertain you for hours!

Action Shot of a Boston Terrier named Uma, Chasing the Ball (Photo)

 3. You can sleep all day if you want!

Sleepy Face Close up of a Boston Terrier Dog named Kramer from Germany!

4. Personal hygiene is easy: No one expects you to take a bath every day, and you don’t even have to do it yourself!

3 Months Old Boston Terrier Gets his First Bath! - This is Charlie from Alaska

5. You can spend hours just smelling stuff.

Time to Smell the Flowers! - Cooper from Watertown, USA (Photo)

6. No one ever expects you to pay for lunch or dinner. You never have to worry about table manners, and if you gain weight, it’s someone else’s fault! 🙂

Shorty the Boston Terrier is Waiting for his Lunch

7. No one can stay mad at you.

This Boston Terrier Girl is Feeling Guilty After she did Lots of Things Wrong! (Photo)

8. No one notices if you have hair growing in weird places as you get older.

5 Years Old Boston Terrier Girl named Hazel from Germany

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Lee Winter

Lesley Barclay Winter this is Rufus to a T😂

Dawn Lawn

Andy Lawn, Brittany Lawn, Emma Black

Vickie Robin


Teresa Mahlandt

Brian Markley

Bea Jacobson

Boston’s are my favorite . My Boston lived 14 years – I miss him so !!!!

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

I lost my 12 year old 2 weeks ago and it is hurting so bad.

Sabrina Stallard

Margie Wyatt these are all curly!

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

This is the spit in image of or Hollie. She is 2.

Mile Mayer

Nicolas Falduti

Nadia Pereira

And most of the neighbors are in love with me

Gerald georgis
Gerald georgis

All of the above gotta love em

Sherly Zoe
Anthony Zerbo
Thomas Mclaughlin


Adrienne Coetzee

I have a Boston Terrier 10 weeks old love him to bits

Alan Scott Gibbs
Jessica Cuellar

Love my little man 💙

Pamela Denny Ruid

This is why: SPOILED!

Elizabeth Sigler Morris

That’s right! ❤️????????

Claudia Roberts Trevithick

Bostons are the best. Except for shoshanah who thinks she’s the best.

Tiffany Wallace Overby

Here’s my Daisy ♡♡♡

Al Kenzo

Getting bored today I m gonna sleep 🙂 Mind her tongue outside when she sleeps, lol , I love you Laïka 🙂

Deborah Mello

Little Jacob ❤️

Deborah Mello

Brett Donovan

Grant Miller

This is Claude

Diane Miller

This is for you Nikki and Matt.

Melinda Loperena

Rose Lopez Siobhan Juny Lorenzo Acevedo Lillie AC

Jeffrey Deutsch

#3, #7 Mesikan Koala

Mesikan Koala

I love my xena!

Claudia Cookie Cardenas

I’m Lennox. My mommy takes me to work with her everyday. ❤️

Viay Molina Sanchez

Inteligente !!

Al Kenzo

How lucky you are ! I can’t go with my daddy 🙁

Claudia Cookie Cardenas

He’s our office mascot. Im so lucky I can bring him with me.

Walesska Schlesinger

Dubraska Vanessa Diaz Campos

Sharon Richards

I love Boston Terriers!!!

Bill Milam

Here is yet ANOTHER reason why life with a Boston Terrier is great! Here’s a picture of my pup, Jacks, enjoying the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe while cruisin in his kayak, lol!

Aurora Villegas Flores

Article is spot on! Oakley agrees 🙂

Jolene Clark

I know my little one has it made in the shade. Spoiled rotten!

Kevin Rogers

introducing Bella and Bodie Boston Bugs (3/4 Boston, 1/4 Pug) I love the little guys !! all the best to all !! Bugs rule or so they think !! Ha Ha

Karen Jensen

I love my Boston. I have had Bostons since I was a little (young) girl and my father when he was a child. I am no longer a child but will always be a Boston lover! ????????????????????

Elke Renae Costa

All true for my Trixie and Rocko!

Alen Tekavčič

My name’s Blek ????????

Zee Temam

Hoooo I love Dogs!! B.T are so cute!

Mike Lozada

Ally Marie soo true!! I can name at least 50 more!!!

Ally Marie

Mike Lozada

Sarah Jane Ohl

I love our Boston’s!

Dasha Jouravel

All true for my Boston terrier Charlie 😉

Trina Miller

Grant Miller

Monica Gutierrez

Hanna Valentina, hermosa mi negra.

Joe Perna

Nadia Khoury

Nadia Khoury

Cutie! ❤️

Ale German

Marlon German OP!!

Al Kenzo

We have a boston terrier, her name is Laïka, she is three months old ! a very young lady

Kevin Rogers

cute as !!


Dany Lemoine

Manuel Calvickham

Veronica Luna Vazquez

Veronica Luna Vazquez

Entonces así es por naturaleza!!! Jajajajajaja la pelota!!!