What about the Blue or Grey Boston Terrier Dogs?


According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), the Blue color is not included in the Boston Terrier breed standard. Blue Boston Terriers don’t qualify for the dog shows.

There is a lot of people who are against the breeding of colored Boston Terriers. However, a blue Boston Terrier is a great companion dog and generally has a life span of 11 to 15 years. Blue Boston Terriers can live an healthy life as well as the standard Boston Terriers.

What about the Blue or Grey Boston Terrier Dogs?

No known medical problems are specifically related to the blue Boston Terriers. Like Boston Terriers in general, they have sensitive digestive systems and they can get some health issues, including cataracts, cherry eye, allergies, deafness, and luxating patellas.

Blue is a dilute of black. This dilution is due to a mutation of the dilution gene which is the Chromosome 25 in canines. So instead of being black the coat appears to have a gray appearance.

Have you ever been interested by the blue Boston Terriers? Do you have a blue Boston Terrier? Share and leave your comment(s)! 🙂

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Thor Sten

I dont buy a dog about his color, i buy him about his special breed. I don’t pay more money, because he is blue or red .

Sarah Louise Young

Brilliant clever dogs with big hearts leave them as they are, plz

Jacob Hershey

Erica Brown 😀

Erica Brown

Awwwwww I want one ! Looks like a chubby Bruno lol

Marguerite Tenorio

Their Boston BEAUTIFUL!❤️

Lisa St John

They’re beautiful!

Jennifer Robertson

My blue baby comes home on Tuesday!!!

Pam Fontenot

It’s not the color, it’s the heart in every boston I’ve ever had the privilege to know!

Juanita Young

I have a blue girl!

Dennis Staveren

Chantal Aveling😍

Marie Louise de Kramer-vervoort

prachtig 👍👍👍👍👍

Stephanie Jahnke

Bo 💓 my blue/white Boston

Christi Joustra

Ray Reserve

Wanda Chacho Schreffler

OMG so adorable looks like a little mouse 🐭

Alice Instone

Rich Pearce

Rich Pearce

Our little blu xx

Carly Sitek

Stef Sitek

Amanda Wouters

Mike de Wit

Daniel Aitken

Anja Nicholson

Steve Fitzpatrick

nope. STOP messing with them. THEY are ALREADY PERFECT.

Cindy Cooper

I have always wanted a blue Boston. I think they are gorgeous!

Shelley Ekstrand

How cute! Monique Ekstrand

Monique Ekstrand

Omg! So darling

Terrie Venie

Should be included they are beautiful. All colors are but especially the blue

Henk En Yvon

Vera Reijerkerk

Brad A. Bryck

Here’s my Blue named Pabst

Jessi Tru

Jaxon – Brindle
Beau – B&W
Lola – Red

Stephen Casey

Shauney Macaskill

Diane Volk


Sarah McNabb

I notice a lot of comments indicating “off colored” Bostons are not true Bostons and have more significant health issues. Where does that info come from? I would like to read more about that

Lynne Scott

I have a red and white. Who cares about the AKC anymore? My Joey, with the red eyes, is amazing.

Anthony Rodriguez

Dawn Miller

Tammy D Moss-Harris

We have our bridle and just rescued a black and white we love them all the same no matter what color

Sally Spikes

They all beautiful.💕

Karen Martin

I have a black and a chocolate. But I have wanted a blue for a long time. It’s my next best friend I’m shopping for. Beautiful babies.

Jackie LaRose Buchanan

Bostons ROCK…doesn’t matter what color!!! ❤

Jackie LaRose Buchanan

Never seen one!

Ryan MacDonald

Phil is a blue and he’s awesome if I do say so myself

GaryDeborah Landess

This Ozzy. He is a Blue Boston. We love him to pieces

Sam Jacob

Nicholas Joseph Moore there are blue bosties!

William Dillon

Karol Vargas

Janeen Begley

I don’t but my friend does!

Lilly Cooper


Nicky Jennings Kirkpatrick

Had 3 blue silvy bitsy and Lil boy

Brian Kirkpatrick

Nicky Jennings Kirkpatrick

Linda Larkin

Black, blue or Brindle bostons are wonderful to have in your family

Jim Rivard

We have a Red,would love a Blue

Linda Walters Hess

That’s a really cute pup

Judy Tolleson O'Daniel

Dis this blue the same as seale.

Stephanie Bauer

Nope..seale and blue are totally different. Seale looks black and white, but if you look at them in the sunlight, their coat will take on a red appearance..

Deb Whelan

My Bently is like that! I didn’t even know that was a thing. I thought he was just black. Thank you!!!

Dan Moore

It’s really not a true AKC Boston Terrier people have been trying to do different breeds with them a real Boston Terrier owner knows that there’s only three types and that’s it and they were much bigger people have been trying to downsize them for years and causes massive problems with them mine is a real true breed Boston Terrier I have absolutely no problems with him and he’s very well trained I really would hope that people would stop trying to interbreed these dogs because they’re fantastic just the way they are

Faye Koelker Schlemme

Amen ! Idiots buy off color breeds ! Stick to the standard.

Dan Moore

Thank you

Dan Moore

I waited 2 years for mine and I paid over $2,000 for him people that pay $500 or nothing for them don’t understand how important it is to have a pure breed there’s such fantastic Boston Terrier

Sally Spikes


Aimée Alexandra Mitchell

My Boston blue.

Becky Casto Ledford

I have a black and white one and he’s my heart ..

Carolyn Mowe Zwaschka

I no longer support the AKC because they support puppy mills. We had 2 Boston siblings for many years. Sweetest and most humorous pets ever had.

Faye Koelker Schlemme

AKC does not support puppy mills !

Carolyn Mowe Zwaschka

Aren’t they partly responsible for licensing?