What are the Best Brands of Food to Feed a Boston Terrier?


Here is a Question from Lori asking other Boston Terrier owners about the best brands of food.

She says : “What are the best brands of food to feed a Boston terrier? My Billy has been eating Blue wilderness since he was a puppy, I think he’s getting bored of it and was thinking of changing..any suggestions? He’s also very gassy, as most of them are so it would have to be something that won’t make it worse. Thank you.

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

What are the Best Brands of Food to Feed a Boston Terrier?

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I have two boston terrier’s both on a Canadian brand dog food called Acana. We feed them the Pacifica blend (different kinds of fish) and they pass gas occasionally, if ever. I have tried several other brands that made them incredibly gassy. We had a little old Boston come to us a few years back and he passed gas more than i can count and it cleared the room. When we started him on the Pacifica, his gas passing days on a constant hourly occurrence improved 80 percent within the first week. Mind you, he could still clear out a… Read more »

M Hinds
M Hinds

Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient, Grain-Free dry dog food has been the best for our Bostons. Just add a small amount of warm water and they love it! It’s very healthy and you can order it from Chewy.

Katie Sims

We use Bill Jac frozen. We’ve tried all kinds from Nutro to Blue Wilderness to Science Diet. The only time she’s gassy now is when she steals a bite of our food.

Chester Reed

Rachael ray

Jamie Duke

Royal canin

Judy Wolf

Nulo, previously fed origenn till they changed the formula. Canadian brand no longer sold in USA, even online.

Steve Fitzpatrick

CANIDAE !! love this dog food. i fed it to my first Boston and i feed it to Patsy, my Boston i have now. NEVER did either of them have gas ( which is NOT funny, people say how cute/funny it is when their Boston clears a room with their gas….. think about WHAT that means digestivley. NOT FUNNY ) her coat is healthy and shiny and people actually comment on it, she is 8 years old btw. i think CANIDAE has been i great dog food.

Ruth Quigley Bowen

Wally loves his sweets, fruit and veggies including cauliflower and grapefruit. But he has been eating Hills Science Diet all of his life. He’s 10 yrs old now.

Kathy Oxley

Buffalo blue dry & can for a topping

Heather Michaud

I feed Merrick. (Btw all u buffalo lovers, there was a recent recall)

Jemma Hetzner

James well beloved x

Amanda Passmore

Richard Passmore

Dee David

I like the Diamond brand. Real good ingredients and the cost is VERY reasonable.

DA Trog

I would not change a thing but you could add stuff like BBQ chicken or even some steak or even hamburger as in a cook form it won’t hurt the dog and he will like it a lot

Laurie Jane Free

Blue wilderness salmon. Very little gas. I also add in the orejen parties as treats .(they r pricey). I try to avoid wet food bc it makes him gassy and I was told it’s terrible for their teeth. He’s picky and he’s on the thin side so I try not to be too restrictive…

Kimberle Wiley

We feed raw and some gluten free kibble and have always had lean bostons!

Deb Bill

I use Natural Balance Wild Pursuit and my dogs are in top shape!

Gloria Belanger

Royal Canine for mine

Genevieve Belanger

Frederic Blais regarde!!! On dirait Mia! Mais Mia est beaucoup plus belle 🙂

Frederic Blais

Oh que oui

Melissa Verone

I feed mine Taste of the wild pacific stream – Salmon and Sweet potato. Works great.

Gert Burger

Pragtige dingetjie

Ed Knepp

Simply Nourish grain free with chicken, peas and potatoes keeps Maggie’s gas under control and stool solid.

Jacqueline M Keefe

I use Burns lamb & brown rice it has salmon oil & sunflower oil seaweed green tea & grapeseed extract peas brown rice & lamb. He has a lovely shiny coat he is very muscley & not overweight. He all so has a bit of Mackrell mixed in with his biscuits & some days turkey mince which I cook and put into bags and freeze.

Kim Curwen

I make my BT her food and supplement with a locally made limited ingredient kibble for her teeth.

Gayle Dormaier

I made my previous Boston’s food because he had so many food allergies. I feed my current Boston Fresh Pet because it is made from the same ingredients as my homemade food (real meat, rice, peas and carrots). My Boston is doing very well on Fresh Pet.

Rita Olenio - Schrems

We feed our Henry Orijen & Acana
It’s rated # 1 in dog food & treats. No by products like road kill mosts dog foods have.

Eileen Castrogiovanni

I have fed my 12 year old- Petey Canadine for the last 10 years. He is less gassy and his coat and skin are great.

Noel Stiles

I feed my Boston Hills SCIENCE PLAN medium topped by a small portion of cooked chicken with the occasional change to pieces of beef. He eats vegetables and fruit particularly small pieces of apple and he is crazy about dried peaches. In the morning I share my oats with him. He is ten years old and is fit and healthy.

Jerri Lynn Honea

We feed 100% raw! He loves it!!

Donna Wilson

Wellness core small breed grain free with a little bit of real chicken breast, he scarfs it down!

Sharon Merryman

It really depends on the dog. Most of what is on the market causes my BT to have seizures (that includes treats too) , so I make his treats and he mostly gets fed from the table. He gets fresh meats, veggies and fruits. I’ve only found ONE dog food, that doesn’t bother him and that’s Purina’s small dog dry food. Way too many recalls on a lot of dog food (and cat food) to take any chances of trying different ones. I stick with what I know. Mine is healthy, active and isn’t overweight and he will be 4… Read more »

Billy Akers

He fixed

Sharon Merryman

No, he’s not.

Eric Enos

Started her off diamond puppy but she turn the year put on diamond Adult

Shannon Michelle Sutherland

Fresh Pet! I am so glad I found that stuff!

Darius Abueg

How is grain bad for bostons?

Judy Wolf

Grains are mostly filler, lowers nutrition content. Also gives Bostons gas.

Darius Abueg

Ummm…I think im d only one here who gives pedigree. Is that bad?

Paula Balsor

We feed pedigree too/no issues

Darius Abueg

Ok cool! Thanks!

Mo Jo

Ziwi Peak – lamb

Karen Jensen

I like Avo-Derm.

Angela Weldon

Blue buffalo fish and brown rice or lamb and brown rice, rotate them up every 3 months. Plus scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin with flaxseed every Sunday for breakfast. I toss in raw lamb, beef, and fish every once in a while too. And they get fresh fruits
And veggies for treats.

Bob Spear

I feed my 2 girls Blue Buffalo Freedom, either Beef or Lamb.

Keleigh Slaight

Just recently switched to natures variety ultimate protein. No gas and poops are solid AND she loves it!


I feed Murphy Fromm 4 Star kibble and cans. It is grain free, has multiple different varieties that can be fed without transitioning between flavors. I warm about a tablespoon of wet food for about 15 seconds in the microwave. Add 3/4 of a cup of kibble, drizzle on a little evoo, and mix it well. I feed him in a round straight sided glass bowl. The food is slightly damp and I press it up against the sides of the bowl. It slows down his eating considerably, I assume therefore, swallowing less air. Since I have started him on… Read more »

Cindi Rasmussen

Natural Balance ~ my Bostons love it..I switch up flavors..they have no issues and are less gassy…

Sarah Rado

Mine has IBD so she’s on Royal Canin Hydrolized protein. I used to feed her taste of the wild salmon and she loved that.


Mine had an issue with diarrhea as a puppy until I started feeding him Natures Balance – duck and Sweet potato. No gas issues either!!! Love the all black face on yours too! What a cutie!


the pic looks a lot like one of my bostons . Rare to see their face all black will one a small Amount of white above the nose.

Brad A. Bryck

Raw Natures variety and Stella and Cheats..only Lamb everything even treats

Becky Casto Ledford

Nutrisca chick pea and chicken blend has no grain and no potatoes .

Kristi Bates

Bubba likes Blue Buffalo. His favorite dog treats are the Milo’s dog treats.

Terry Maddox

Try to research Fromm Family Foods. You will be amazed at the results.

Carol Harris

I feed mine Science Diet! Have had no problems.