What are the best ointments or treatments for a Dog who has Dry Paw or Dry Nose?


Here is a question from Cheryl asking for treatment suggestions for dog’s dry paw or dry nose.

She says : “I am wanting to know Boston Terrier owners recommendations on their go to dry paw/nose ointment or treatments. Thank you”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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What are the best ointments or treatments for a Dog who has Dry Paw or Dry Nose?

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Snout Soother works like magic on my old Boston girl! In about a week, her nose is smooth again 🙂

Trapper Joel

Madeline J. Power?

Walter Hart

Cow titty

Erinn Dornaus Sadowy


Lorrie Hughes Burks

Tea tree oil.

DeeDee McCall

Oh yeah the have paw butter also.

DeeDee McCall

Nose Butter. Amazon

Kim Martin

Coconut oil

Diane S. Brees

Blissful Dog has the perfect solution! I have been using their “Nose Butter” on my Boston’s nose for 2 years, also the edges of her ears. She has Cushings and these awful bumps on the edges of her ears are gone. Her nose had an actual ridge of dry bumps – they are gone. Check their web page! I <3 this stuff for my little girl Boston!

Jeanie Shelton

I am so sorry. Cushings is terrible. Prayers.

Diane S. Brees

Thank you! She was diagnosed 2 years ago and is a true trooper! I am treating her without the chemicals that could kill her, home made dog food, natural herbal drops and lots of love! She still has sparkley eyes and sassy pants – <3 her dearly!

Tami Bouma

Natural Dog Company’s Snout Soother works wonders!!! Highly recommend!!🐾

Nadia Pereira

For the nose a little bit if coconut oil or virgine olive oil. For the paws i use Desitin

Charlie Fusco


Becky Casto Ledford

Burts bees makes a paw and nose lotion that works great. I got it at pet smart but you can probably get it and any good pet store

Cr Faith

Our veterinarian recommended Vitamin E from capsules. Used scissors to pierce the capsule and dabbed it on her nose. Worked great and she didn’t mind it. Coconut oil works fine too but our other pups wanted to lick that and it could have led to conflicts.

Lisamarie Eggers

I like the Mushers Secret, and also soft bees wax.

Sherri Motl

Bag Balm

Theresa Brown Penning

Snout soother by natural dog company

Janet Dutra

I use Bag Balm

Cheryl Sicuso

My vet told me to put 1200 grams of fish oil in his food his very crusty dry nose has improved 100%. I also make my own dog food of boiled turke, sweet potatoe, carrots and brown rice. My older guy

Donna Wells

Coconut oil

Mary Michna


Karen Morris

I dab a little coconut oil on my Boston’s nose, for his pads sometimes coconut oil as well but it is very greasy on your floors or carpeting. Musher’s Secret is also good for the paws especially in the winter.

Sally Mapletoft

Sudacreme is good for both