What are the Best Puppy Foods for Boston Terrier?


    Here is a question from Nicole asking for some suggestions of the best foods for a growing Boston Terrier puppy.

    She says : “Hi, I’m getting a Boston Terrier puppy and I can’t find a good resource on the type of food I should feed him? Thanks”

    It could be hard to choose the best puppy food for someone who just got a new Boston Terrier puppy since there is so many brands available on the market…

    The question is now asked to you Boston Terrier owners! What are the Best Puppy Foods for a Boston Terrier puppy? Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? 🙂

    Boston Terrier Eating in Food Bowl

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    Liesl Brown

    Acana grain free lamb or duck

    Debbi Lewis
    Debbi Lewis

    Try Avoderm food. We have had good look with it


    It took me a year to figure out what food makes my Bostons happy. Went through em all till I found medi cal gastro intestinal dog food. That did the trick after months and months of investing! They dont do well on high protein. Also go easy on detergents,fabric softeners. They irritate my 2 Bostons. I completely stoped ising anything with a fragrance.


    We ran into something very similar with our Pack. Turned out to be the detergent that we were using. The girls all sleep on baby blankets in their kennels. We ended up using a washing detergent made for babies to wash their blankets in. Not sure of that will help you guy’s or not, hope so …….

    Debbie St Romain
    Debbie St Romain

    my 10 month old Boston, Sophia Grace, was born with red Mange and has had two rounds of Ivermectin. She seems fine now. Have you had a skin scrape for red Mange. Sophie is clear now and has a beautiful coat. She is still on Sciance diet puppy and about 16 lbs.

    Debbie St Romain
    Debbie St Romain

    Science diet puppy

    Helen Hoffman

    I found that NuPro works the best for my Boston. He is now nine and looking good.


    I feed my Boston Blue Buffalo with a bit of Stella Chewy’s crumbled on top. He has a beautiful shiney coat and tons of energy.

    Laura Kelly

    I feed my BT mix Nature’s Select https://www.facebook.com/NaturesSelectPetFood

    Joe Perna

    My Boston’s about 3 and a half years old and has been on Acana for about 3 years now. He looks great, as energetic as a pupppy and has a super shiny coat! His vet always tells me that he looks like a picture perfect Boston! He’s a healthy 28lbs of lean muscle!

    Murilo Medina

    Royal Canin Medium Junior, so that they have to chew the food.

    Shawna Brackley

    Our Boston’s have been doing great since we switched them to Halo

    Robin May Ruggie

    Blue buffalo. My guys coat is so shinny

    Roger Horn

    We have used Taste of the Wild dry, no grain, and also some Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned … chicken, duck and chicken. Our 4 year old Boston, Annie, was a picky eater as a puppy. She liked the Taste of the Wild, so we kept her on it. She seems to maintain her weight well and has abundant energy to play.

    Jodie Beardsley

    Ours are on Canidae doing great! But I also love Fromm used them for a long time only switched cause we have a Dalmatian and he eats ALOT so had to find a food that was still quality at a little lesser cost

    Angela Weldon

    All my boys are Blue Buffalo Boys!! Even Maximus Allergenic!

    Barbara Glenn

    I feed Fromm’s. It’s great for any type of dog- they have several formulas.

    Terrie Venie

    Rice & lamb and no people food. My gal gets gases

    Linda Hutson

    Science diet puppy!

    Amanda BloodOmen

    Anything grain free Bostons are prone to allergies and digestive issues with grains they just cant digest it as easily if the first 3 ingredients are by product of some sort an grains its a no no look into blue buffalo or taste of the wild or grandma Lucie their are many different brands that are grain free grains also tend to shorten their lives yes grain free is a bit more but its worth it in the long run for extra time with the fur babies .


    Fromm Grain Free!

    Nicole Blakely

    Merrick grain free… I’ve had my Boston on it since he was a puppy. He’s 1 now. No allergies. No tummy trouble. He’s happy and healthy ❤️

    Liz Cordiano

    Look into feeding raw! We feed our 2 year old and 8 month old Bostons!

    Kelly Day-Cats

    Grain free Performatrin

    Patti Heitland McCormick

    Pro Plan puppy and then adult. Westminister’s Best in Show the last 7 years are being fed Pro Plan!!!!


    Just switched from Nutro Ultra (loved it but got pricey), to Blue Buffalo.. My BT loves it but it’s giving him gas..

    Jeanie Shelton

    I like Nutro Ultra, and mix it with Science Diet. After the first year, adult NU and SD Sensitive Stomach, because BTs tend to be gassy.

    Fran León Alé

    proplan sensitive derma

    Ed McRae

    I got a 6 mos old rescue that was severely malnourished and used Wellness puppy. He did wonderfully, became a beautiful dog. You can’t gone wrong with that or Blue Buffalo.


    I’ve fed my Boston on a mix of Hills and Royal Canin with boiled chicken. He is 7 months and is looking fantastic.

    Alicia Burnell

    I feed both of mine Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul one is 3 and the other is 4. Very Healthy and always complemented on how shiny their coats are 🙂

    Carol Roberts Thomas

    I use Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials puppy dry food and Merrick wet puppy food.

    Fonda Howser Barr

    Our boston has done great. She has always been on blue buffalo . She is 5 so heathy and hair shiny.

    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    I have been using Beaverdam, but find it hard to get….would love to find out what the best dog food out there…..

    Robin Williams

    We use Merrick as well

    Cassie Rametta

    Merrick, grain free! Our 3 month old loves it and is growing / healthy

    Scott Campbell

    Eukanuba pup biscuits (small breed) and Natures Diet pup food mixed together. Our 7 month old bitch is now bigger than her mum

    JW Wall

    We use Blue Buffloe…it is great…our Boston is now 3.


    Royal Cannin Mini Junior