What are the Best Tear Stain Products for Boston Terrier Dogs?


Here is a question from Leah asking other Boston Terrier owners if someone has good products to remove tear stain.

She says : “What are the best tear stain products recommended for my soon to be 5 month old Boston gentle-gal?”

Does anyone have any products, advices and/or experiences?
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What are the Best Tear Stain Products for Boston Terrier Dogs?

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Huccye Williams

Angel eyes is a powder that will stop the white from staining.

Linda Thomas Swope

Warm salt water. It works the best .beautiful pup

Gayle Dormaier

I keep my baby’s eyes clean every day. No stains.

Sarah Louise Young

A small drop of apple cider vinegar in there water,that gets it away for good. Angel eyes helps a little, or if bad maybe change food.oviously all bostons are different so I would try and see what works for your fur baby the best, my was trial & error. Just very careful as near eyes.👍🏻👍🏻👀

Marti Marikovics

Our Boston doesn’t have them any more. Change your food.


What food to you give yours?

Michael McJohn

First pic is her when she was a puppy with dark tear stains and this is past Halloween

Michael McJohn

Sorry I forgot to say I live in Japan so Rakuten is a Japanese ordering site and the product is from DHC which is a legit company that we use to order different stuff from.

Michael McJohn

This supplement cured my Boston’s tear stains. It is a PH balancer or something like that. If you go to the Rakuten web page inEnglish you can order them. 60 tablets per bag, two tablets per day until the condition clears, then drop to one tablet per day to maintain.

Becky Schoen

I recommend avoiding ‘products’ and rather change their food to something better in quality and wa-la, no more tear stains!

Leah Salcido

Oh that’s my baby girl in that pic! 😍

Leah Salcido


Giovanie Certuche

Leah Salcido omg they used your picture of Willow!!! 😍

Mary Johnston

Angel Eyes have worked really well for me.