What do Boston Terrier Owners do with their Boston when they have to Work Full Time?


Here is a question from Mandi asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices when you have to work full time.

She says : “I’ve been going home on my lunch break to let him out and feed him… but soon I’m going to be getting another job that I will have to commute to… so I won’t be able to go home… meaning, he will be home alone for 8.5 hours.”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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What do Boston Terrier Owners do with their Boston when they have to Work Full Time?

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Mia Landauer

Home office ☺️

Jackie Pointer

They need another brother or sister to occupy each other

Angela Tulin

My babies go to doggie daycare a couple times each week. They get good fun interaction and they come home exhausted.

Sarah Arands

Take them with me

Karen Morris

Mine sits and looks out the window waiting for everyone to come home.

Mike Simone

My girl has run of the house, my boy is crated with the TV on. When we get home we make sure to spend plenty of time with them

Amanda Dunaway Rayburn

Doggy Daycare 👍🏻

Megan Blount

Bindi goes with me! I work in Real Estate.

Lynn Kenny-Landry

Leave the tv on and he stays in his crate for max 4hrs (he’s a pup). I do this even when I work from home so he can get used to his crate until he’s old enough to be home alone and free to roam without eating the furniture 😊

Nancy L Strong

Have a walker to come in and let them in the yard so they can play for half hour or so. they are kenneled when back in the house.

Mary Michna

Comments all so precious!.💕

Mary Michna

I’m home. Come to me and let’s party😍👍❤️

John Wesley

Hired a walker from “Time to Pet” and they use an app to update me about Benny’s 30 minute walk during the day. Very safe and affordable. Have a Bluetooth camera to monitor Benny also but he’s fine being home alone for 3 hours – he sleeps lol

Litza Matthews

Doggy day care or one of us goes home at lunch to potty.

Lauren F. McCauley

ALWays have someone take my babies out. They can’t hold their bladders all day.

Gill Short

Would never have dog under those circumstances.

MaryJo Terranova

She has a JUG buddy

Preston Gordon

Luckily i have my dad at home to watch them, granted my dad has Alzheimers but its in a early stage so he is still capable of watching them for now.

Janice Shelby

I have a dog run in the basement about 4 ft long attached to a doggie house … easy to clean if she needs to potty , but most of the time she waits until I get home and walk her . She has access to food and water .. and I leave music playing when gone all day !

Yakelina OV

Yamaris Vera lo que hablamos 😄

Yamaris Vera

Si…la idea del TV esta cool también!

Kamilo Velasquez Henao

Sergio A. Velasquez

Alice Agnew Jones

My mom, who never had an indoor dog, provided doggy day care; she decided Bentley was really her dog.

Joyce Pearson

We added a doggy door on our patio sliding door. We have two locks on it and the backyard has a fence. So they can go in and out whenever they want.

Georgina Oliver-Hancock

We have a dog walker come in at lunch time

Robyn Anderson

My Boston has the run of the house, access to her food and a doggie door. I’m pretty sure she’s livin’ the life. ( but we know she sleeps all day while we are gone)

Terri Beaber Borden

We had a sitter come in for lunch and to let them out. Later,.my spouse and i worked different shifts so they were alone only about 2 hours a day.

Jill Coile

I took mine to doggy day care. She stayed in the kitchen otherwise with a gate, bed and treats and water.

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

There are doggie day cares.

Brock Smith

One of us comes home for lunch every day. She’s 3 years old now and we give her the run of the house. She sleeps most of the day but we never leave her alone for more than 5h at a time.

Judith Ann Brown

My fiancé works nights I work days and in between max goes to grandma’s! They run him outside and get all his energy out!

Katie Krantz

I have a neighbor that homeschools and I pay her to come walk or play with mine around lunch.

Robyn Anderson

You should have the kids do it. They might like the responsibility and the extra income.

Katie Krantz

That’s what I do Robyn Anderson, sorry I wasn’t very clear on that lol. The little girl does it for me 😊

Sandy Love


Megan Mays

I have a designated potty tray for him while I’m gone. And he is well-behaved enough to roam the house alone.

Rae Gentle

My 2 come with me

Patricia Boone Bunch

Doggie daycare.

Susanne Norton La Faver

I didn’t get my Bostons until I retired. Not fair otherwise.

Jeremey Murphy

I get to work from home for a couple days a week and I’ll crate for the rest of the days. For the days I work more than 8 hours I have hired someone to come over, play and walk him.

If a week is going to be insane I have an amazing kennel for him to go to.

Rachel Wiffen

Mine goes to grandparents the days I work as work 12 hour shifts, if I go out just for a few hours then it’s a crate he is very good.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Turn on the tv, make sure they have gone outside to potty beforehand and if they won’t go I will not leave them anywhere they could have an accident which would either stain/permanently smell or ruin the flooring… if you don’t have a room that your Boston can hang out in that would not damage if they couldn’t hold it in, then cage them. But I hate cages, so I don’t use them. They can hold their bladder a remarkably long.

Shyla H Lunsford

I went to school and had to leave tootie alone during the day. At the time we had a cat and another dog so I crated her and our other dog. If I didn’t they would eat the cat poop. Our cat died last year and I just leave her and her sister free. They are good girls.

Nick Pambianchi

We take ours to work every day. He loves it.

TrentMissy Welsh

Lola enjoys her alone time.