Difference between Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs


The Boston terriers and French bulldogs are dog breeds that might look similar in their general appearance because they are almost the same size but they are two different breeds of dogs.

Anyone who doesn’t really know about these dog breeds would say they are the same breed. Now what really is the difference between Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs?

If you want to know more about the differences of each of these breeds, this is what this post is all about. You are also invited to Join the discussion and leave your own comments!

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Why Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs Look Similar?

The Boston terrier and the French bulldog have a common ancestor, the English Bulldog. The two breeds have the pug face of the English bulldog with the typical large and square head shaped.

Other Similitudes Between Bosties and Frenchies

The two breeds cannot live outdoors all the time. Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs don’t tolerate extreme weather. They don’t tolerate extremely cold weather because of their short coat. They don’t tolerate extremely hot weather due to their shortened muzzle.

Both breed only needs a minimal grooming. Both breed don’t bark a lot. They generally only bark when necessary.

Boston Terrier VS French Bulldog

The two breeds are very similar but they have different origins, shape and temperament.

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Boston Terrier Origins

The Boston Terrier (Bostie, Boston Bull…) Breed originated in the United States and is a cross of an English bulldog with a white English terrier.

Boston Terrier Standards

According to the Boston Terrier breed standards, Boston Terriers weighs from 10 to 25 pounds. Boston Terriers are muscled, longer-legged, athletic and small boned. Boston Terriers have flat cheeks with an unwrinkled face. Boston Terriers have upright ears that are pointed at the tips. Their life span is around 11 to 15 years.

Boston Terrier Temperament

The Boston Terrier has a temperament that is loyal, friendly, playful, alert, energetic, expressive and intelligent.

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French Bulldog Origins

The French Bulldog (Frenchie) Breed origins are not so clear. The French bulldog probably originates with a small-sized English bulldog imported to France and crossed with various small dog breeds.

French Bulldog Standards

According to the French Bulldog breed standards, they weighs from 22 to 30 pounds. French Bulldogs are compact, short, muscled and heavy boned. French Bulldogs have rounded cheeks with heavy wrinkles at the nose. French Bulldogs have upright ears that are rounded at the tips. Their life span is around 8 to 10 years.

French Bulldog Temperament

The French Bulldog has a temperament that is loyal, patient, affectionnate, playful and intelligent.

Boston Terrier OR French Bulldog?

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Today 4:11 am

Make sure which ever breed you choose to only use a harness when exercising your baby. Collars can damage any breed of the pushed nosed variety. I.E. Boston, frenchies , pugs, etc.

July 21, 2016 6:42 am

my family would like to find a boston have been having trouble finding a good breeder in the Philadelphia area anyones help would be much appreciated !!

Temple Berry
Temple Berry
August 30, 2016 11:09 am

Ours came from NC and has eye issues. We are purchasing another Bostie and will get him from VA:) from what we have seen, the breeders there are great. However, we are not professionals by any means of the word. Just an opinion and where we plan on getting our next Bostie from. WOULDNT OWN ANY OTHER BREED! Love love love love her!!

July 12, 2016 8:44 pm

Boston Terriers
Been married for 31 years and we have 5 now and had two in the past . That is the dog we got when we were first married. We thought they were so ugly that they were cute. We had 3 litters and we failed, we ended keeping 2 puppies. Once you have one you will always have one

July 11, 2016 8:46 pm
We have a one of each, both girls and both weight about 23 lbs. Our Boston is 12 and Frenchie is 10 years old. Love them both tons! Boston Terriers are a lot more active then frenchies, in fact we got our Frenchie because our Boston needed a playmate. Both are very loving, loyal, smart and easy to train. If you have a Boston terrier you will be playing ball for life. Both do not do well in heat. I love my Boston, but I feel Frenchie is better for our family, a little more calm 🙂
April 29, 2016 3:04 pm

By are my favorite. Frenchies shead a lot and are not as smart as Bostons.