What is the Swelling near my Little Boston Terrier Bottom?


Here is a Question from Soroush asking other Boston Terrier owners about a swelling on his dog.

He says : “I have noticed a swelling that has come up near my little Bostons bottom today. It feels hard but not bony. Please have a look at the photo and let me know what you think.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

What is the Swelling near my Little Boston Terrier Bottom?

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Christa Hershberger

Def anal glands need to be expressed! That’s what happens when they’re not! My male Boston has had problems like this also!

Sherry Brackett Snyder

Actually it’s spelled adenoma.

Sherry Brackett Snyder

Adinoma possibly.

Michael Shaw

Not too sure could be a gland that’s blocked in his anus some times it can clear its self with a bit of a bad smell or you need to see a vet good luck hope it goes well 👍

Linda Hutson

Looks like swollen anal glands!

Christine Stock

No sorry let us know what the vet says

Trish Grasse

My vets told me fish oil helps regulate the gland and keep them from getting to thick of fluids and unable express them themselves naturally. Fairly inexpensive to pick up from the vet and worth trying so that this doesn’t happen again. Also, My groomer said that Bostons gland are more difficult to express then most other breeds because they are a bit more recessed/deeper and harder to access. Maybe yet another reason why Bostons are more common with this concern and have a harder time with expressing them naturally.

Carol Fox

that’s an anual sac needing to be taking off.


anal gland enlarged

Alen Tekavčič

Anamaria Marjanović

Soroush Salimi

VET thinks an infected anal gland. He had it drained today and placed on antibiotics and anti inflammatories. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will take it all on board.

Mark Hutchinson

Anal glands are a big issue for Boston Terriers. Often they need to be drained every few months. Some simply don’t drain on their own.

Michelle Chaplock

Could be either impacted anal gland or non cancerous tumor. My Boston had both…both had to be surgically taken care of.

Bette Trumble

anal gland

Micki Fortenberry Dumke

Call your vet. .. had a dog with one.. his was a hernia

Abby Ramm

Mona Pants called hers Edamame.

Betty Daniels

One of mine had it two weeks ago and she somehow lanced it herself in the night. This was a Sunday nite. I had planned to take her to Vets on Monday. But by morning it was down and I put peroxide on it and in two days you couldn’t even know where it was. Apparently is was some sort of anal gland abscess.

Toby MacDonald

Totally a blocked anal gland.

Jan Dugger

I have never seen this before. At least on my boston. He looks like he lost hair their as well. Thanks for sharing I will have to keep an eye on him.

Let Jarero Cueto

Hello, in my pet the vet diagnostics a fungus on the skin and we are dealing with isodine foam, baths with medicate shampoo fortline pink and we changed its regular food to a hypoallergenic fish based. I must mention that it has improved a lot

Tawnya Spires

As a Vet Tech/ Boston owner, this is an impacted anal gland. It’s not something to mess with as the anal gland could continue to impact and then ultimately rupture. Best plan of action is to up the fiber intake, adding pumpkin to their food is great. Also get their anal glands expressed once every 4-6 weeks. You can take them to the vet for internal expression or to a groomer for external expresson. My Boston gets this all the time and since I can never get hers (so odd as I’ve expressed thousands of anal glands in my career,… Read more »

Gwen Pearson

My boy has had lots of skin and other problems! Go Food for Sensitive and Senitivy ! ! Has been Great for our Boston Terrier! No! Treats unless you check the ingredinets! All they need is Love! Treats are great but they are not right to give to your kids!😘💕👍

Shaun Butch

mine had that. It’s about to rupture. Go to vet asap.

Shaun Butch

anal gland abscess

Kristy Englert

Take him is so it doesn’t abscess, they can drain his anal glands

Wanda Hogaboam

I just took my Boston to the vet’s yesterday for this exact same thing. My vet checked his anal glands and they were fine – my male is 9 yrs old and my vet said it’s a weakness in the muscles and to keep an eye on it and bring him in if he can’t have a bowel movement or it has enlarged, as this could be bowels and or bladder pushing out or the intestines pinched and blocked from the swelling. My male is also intact, whether this makes a difference or not – I’m not sure because this… Read more »


I’m no expert but it maybe a hernia. My boston had one not long ago which we since had corrected .

Brian Fitzpatrick

GET HIM/her to the vet!!!

Delores Faye Smith

our boston terrier Ranger had the same thing. it is a tumor and needs to be removed immediately because it will grow and obsyruct his intestines

Lauren Irick Bennett

abcessed anal glad

Sue N Murray Pritchard

blocked Anal gland. Yes it is painful so see the vet and get antibiotics. Look at what you are feeding…may need more fibre in the diet.

Bugn Jackie

I have a male chihuahua that gets blocked anal glands. We are frequent visitors to the vet. A warm compress helps and giving them a little coconut oil every day also helps. I don’t know why but when he has coconut oil regularly we get no blockage.

Kevin Wiggins

It is in fact an anal gland
My Boston gets them once in a while

Kevin Wiggins

Feels like a rubber ball correct?

Soroush Salimi

Kevin Wiggins yes

Kevin Wiggins

Soroush Salimi
Ok make sure to take your dog to the vet soon. It ends up getting real huge

And if you do notice it coming in the future and it’s not too big you can do it yourself too. I looked up how to do it online. It’s gross tho!

Soroush Salimi

Yeah he squeezed it, pus came out but it’s still pretty big!!

Megan Vokracka

Could be an abscess

Soroush Salimi

Thanks all for your response. He is booked in to the VET in 1hr to have this dealt with.

Cindy J. Ray

Smart choice

Wanda Hogaboam

please post what your vet says – like I posted, I just took my boy in yesterday regarding this same issue. Weak muscle/hernia diagnoses is what I got 🙂

Sheri Sutherland-Ruckle

Hope hes ok. Mine had same problem and had blocked anal duct. Surgery and shes perfect

Kent Altom

Bet a vet would know.

Amy Lynn Peachey

Definitely a blocked anal gland. This happened to my Boston and the vet had to surgically drain it. It has only happened once and he has never had any issues since.

Chuck N Erin Page

Anal gland needs to be drained. You want to get your Boston to the vet before it bursts.

Hamish McDogg

Anal gland need to be cleaned out fast before it requires stitches.

Elaine Allen

Agree with the others. Pretty normal things. It has to be cleaned . It’s usually happens when they don’t clean their hineys very well.

Lynn Medina

My Boston had a hernia in the same general area and his bladder was pushing through had to have immediate surgery but this looks like anal gland hopfully.


My boston had a hernia in the same location as well . We since had it corrected

Scott Tepper

Anal gland. My Boston gets it all the time. They will have to drain it and give medicine so it doesn’t get infected. It’s also painful to them, so please take him tommorrow

Rick Hensley

Anal gland is infected. Take to your vet. Will burst if not taken care of. Boston’s need their anal glands cleaned from time to time.

Lynn Medina

Infected anal gland or hernia

Chris Worthman

Block anal gland.