What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from the owner of the Boston Terrier in the picture below! He is asking for some suggestions and recommendations about which bones and treats to give to Boston Terriers.

He says : “What kind of non rawhide bones are good for bostons? And what about treats? I heard grain free treats are good but i don’t know any brands…”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? What kind of treats/bones do you give to your Boston Terriers? Join the discussion! 🙂

What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier?

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Rhonda Morris Lawrence

My little old gal likes carrots, Greenies and homemade dog cookies (peanut butter/oats), as she now throws up hard store-bought flour based dog biscuits. When we have given her real (raw) bones, she thinks they’re such a treasure she immediately hides them, and moves them again and again, and they never get chewed on!

Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle


Janice Klee

Look it up on the Google or ask your vet

George Fenwick

No bones they will grind them down then he bone dust forms like cement in the dogs back passage


My Boston’s love the “Digest-Ease” brand of chew sticks. I buy them on Amazon.

Morgan Mccoin

Marro-bones Bones from Pedigree, Denta-stix from Pedigree for oral health and snacking. Rib bones and anything leftovers, they love Italian dishes and pizza.

Terrie Venie

Our girl had an ulcer. No rawhide, treats of any kind

Barbara Munn

Only milk bone brand any others they get sick

Julie Geno

No bones.

Becky Casto Ledford

I give mine Charlie Bears or Crunch Bears .. the crunch bears are grain free and less the 3 kcal each ..

Pat Horton

Nylabone and get a Wunderball–you have to order it but our Cooper hasn’t been torn it up yet—and trust me–he certainly has tried😂

Pat Horton

We love Paul Newman and Buddy Biscuits treats❤️

Angela Green

If your looking to clean teeth and give treat at same time you could find a chicken neck if your feed raw meat. It’s still a controversial feeding style but research has some good backing to it if you want to looking into it. If not into that then they have the easy to digest bones from nyla bones and they are flavored, bacon, beef and such you could try those

Wynette Jameson

Antlers crack their teeth. My Darby cracked one tooth and loosened another. My vet said never give them anything we can’t dent with our teeth.

Megan Mays

My guy loves carrots. I also buy grain-free treats at “the dog food store”. I plan on making some frozen coconut oil/oatmeal treats for the hot summer days.

KellyandBoyd Barron

Pork chomp non rawhide chews !

Russ Seaman

My kids loved Bully Sticks. Buy them online at best bullies .com. Please. American made only. Stay away from chinese crap!

Kim Sand

Elk antlers and freeze dried beef liver treats

Holly Noe

Freeze dried liver, anglers, pig ears, duck necks, fish skin, baked carrots and beans, whatever meat we eat (unseasoned of course), homemade treats, dingo treats

Lorraine Hamel

I use t give our Boston Terrier, Daffodil, deer antlers to chew on and this is what happened. She fractured her upper carnassial tooth and gingiva grew in between the fracture, Daffodil was only 3 years old at the time. We had to have her tooth extracted and believe me that is a big deal with this breed. She also lost 4 of her small teeth and has a slab fracture of the enamel on her upper carnassial tooth. So needless to say No more hard things go inside our Bostons mouth. The vet that we went to specializes in… Read more »

Wynette Jameson

My vet told me not to give her antlers. She cracked one tooth and loosened another.

Lorraine Hamel

Bostons love to chew. We just love our little girl sooo much!

Katherine Davis

We’re with our 7th and 8th Boston. We give them smoked knuckle bones. Only our 4th one cracked a tooth.

Lorraine Hamel

I will NEVER give Daffy anything hard to chew on again. The tooth thing was so hard on her and I have know idea how long she was in pain.😰

Mike McDaniel

My Boston goes nuts when sees me breaking out the Greenies

Marie-Christine Beaudoin

Nylabone. Not messie at all and so durable !!! Mine loves them so much !!! He can play with them for hours !!!!

Preston Gordon

Mine get milk bones and greenies

Terri Beaber Borden

I make dried sweet potato coated with cinnamon and turmeric. She loves these and has also Lost weight.

James Sommers

Per my bostons, All of them… Diane Sommers

Gloria Clayton

Blue Diamond Lamb and Apple is what my girl loved.

Pamela Robbins Thrasher

Only cow femar

Gail Seavor

Raw bone mine loves the marrow keeps her quite for ages 💕

Nathan Grobins

Kris Quigley Grobins

Katherine Davis

Geez, after seeing these treats, mine I guess are junk food eaters like there Mama.

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Ours loves blueberries but I give her freeze dried beef liver treats (warning-can cause really bad smelly gas), skinned apples, carrots, green beans. Store bought antlers, goat or buffalo, Wellness brand grain free treats.

Skip McDowell

Ours likes baby carrots and watermelon

Sharon Merryman

I make my boy his treats. With all the mess on the market and the fact that nearly all I’ve tried, he’s either didn’t like or they caused him to have seizures. He can ONLY eat one dry dog food, no cans. Everything causes seizures. Mine loves meats, fresh veggies and loves his fruit. If anyone has netflix, please do watch the documentary Pets Fooled. It will definitely open your eyes up to the food on the market and explains better what is best for our fur babies (includes cats too)

Kenneth Bristow

We give our Boston Vita Bones.

Debbie Maddux St Romain

I give mine Old Mother Hubbard mini bones. They love them and they are tiny so they maintain their weight and not gain.

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Paul…are antlers safe! They scare me…but so does that plastic garbage out there…

Lorraine Hamel

No, antlers are not safe…read what I wrote up above!

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Thanks …didn’t see that…I’m trying to get to like the kong…also Hazel likes to chew on sticks that fall from the trees in the yard….two crazy Bostons have I !

Paul Thompson

We give our dog antlers. He loves them.

Aaron Lunsford

Albert Miranda

Albert Miranda


Barb Crowley Titus

My Boston loves peas, peapods and blueberries

Sidney Biddle

They will usually eat everything

Rachel Renninger
Rachel Renninger

I give mine beef shank soup bones. Raw bones can splinter and the soup bones contain a nutritious marrow center. Plus once the marrow is gone, the bone can then be filled with peanut butter and other small dog treats!


Any of my Bostons who like to chew loved the flavored Nylabones. After a while they would chew them down and I then throw away and give them a new one.

Tru Lyford Doolittle


Peggy Keaffer

Sweet potato slices

Lynne Scott

Baby carrots, the mini Milk Bones, celery ribs. He is 2 1/2 yrs. 18.5 lbs. It is who he is.

Susan Gobin

Charlie bears- turkey liver & cranberry. Wellness, lamb & apple. No gas with those cookies.

Renee MeLear Fowler

I feed Ebby blue buffalo grain free lamb and potatoe.

Renee MeLear Fowler

I give mine apple and no salt green beans and plain yogurt and carrots. She loves them.

Jodie Beardsley
Jodie Beardsley

My girls get zignature dog food and Plato turkey and sweet potato treats or Plato salmon treats.