What Type of Fences to Build for Boston Terrier Dogs?


Here is a Question from Nicolas asking other Boston Terrier owners about dog fences.

He says : “Hi everybody, new owner of Boston terriers here. We have two Bostons (Gaston and Achille), and as soon as spring is here to stay, I intend to build a fence in our yard for the little guys . So I’d like to ask you about fences.

Do Boston Terriers dig a lot? Is it better to bury part of the fence to keep them from going under it? What about over it? I was thinking a 5 feet fence should be more than enough.

Also, I was thinking of using chicken wire or something similar (we’ll grow vines over it), is there any problem with that type of fence? Thanks in advance for your advice.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

What Type of Fences to Build for Boston Terrier Dogs?

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Jean McLaughlin

Chain link works best. I have 5 dogs and not one has ever gotten out.

Jason Grzybowski

I wish mine would stay on the property lol… not a chance, our male will jet first chance he gets because he wants to explore and the female will follow him, she’s good if he’s not leading the way though from what I’ve noticed.

She’s run side by side with me back home where he’s run away from me trying to see the world, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the getting hit by a car or getting stolen factor.

Debbie Balls

I had chain link fences, that way they can see out it and watch what is happening, my Rocky loved the outdoors, had a doggy door so he could come and go as he wanted.

Pat Waskow Mills

Angie White Brewer

Lori Judd

I just have a white picket fence around my yard for running and play time. They also love to play in the little plastic kiddie pool I bought at Walmart. It was $5 end of season last year and still going strong!

Carol-jane Horn

Depends on the individual dog. We’ve had ones who never left the yard, one who loved to climb and explore for an hour then return and one who required you stand in the yard with her while she peed. Go figure!

Marilyn Cota

I had a chain link fence for my first Boston, I have a chicken wire fence for my second. Neither were interested in getting out of the yard

Carol Harris

Chain link is best, because it keeps other dogs out and away from your babies, as well as keeping them safe. Chicken wire wouldn’t stop bigger dogs out of your yard.

Nicolas Racine

That’s a very good point.

Cheryl Dube Buffum

If you put up a fence, make sure there is nothing they can jump up on next to it, or they will be over the fence in a flash. In one running swoop…fast little buggers❤️Then you are stuck on the other side of the fence, have to leave the yard, run to the neighbors, knock on the door, waiting and waiting before you can get into their yard…by then…a lot can happen….been there….it was because of a squirrel.

Nicolas Racine


Laura Skorczewski

Our Bostons love to be outside in warm and hot weather. They are 3 1/2 yrs old and our electric fence has worked for us.

Jill Kenkel Campbell

Underground fence.

Ryan Roysden

Do NOT use chicken wire! If one of there little feet was to get caught up..it would cause some serious damage! Anything but chicken wire!

Bob Cowan

I live out on 5 acres so I have a little more freedom in selection wire (no city regs). I used 2 by 4 by 6′ welded wire (2 100ft rolls and T-posts bought at Ace Hardware (Yeagers) with entry off our closed in back porch. My dogs do not have any desire to be anywhere but where here so they don’t try to get out by digging. If you have a digger go along the bottom of the fence with landscape timbers held in place by drilling a hole and sec

Bob Cowan

ref above – secure with rebar driven through the hole and into the ground. The hardware person should be able to fix you up with what you need when you tell them what your project is.

Nicolas Racine

That’s exactly what I intent to do : close off an area around our back porch. The landscape timber is a good idea. I’ll keep it in mind.

Denis-Karen Gale

We have a very open style fence so we added chicken wire to the lower three feet. It has worked just fine for 8 years!

Theresa Brown Penning

We have a 6ft wooden privacy fence with a padlocked gate.

Jane Connel

I had a Boston that use to climb our chain link fence

David Cox

On our second Boston, and taught both the property lines and neither have gone over them even when chasing birds, rabbits etc. they always skid to a stop when they reach one.

Nicolas Racine

Funny how people assume we want to keep the dogs outside all day. We do go outside a lot except in winter, obviously, and the only way to keep the dogs running free outside is to install a fence. Municipal law is very strict about keeping dos on leashes when outside. Some dogs may be happy staying in the house all the time, but not ours. If not for the extreme cold right now, they would go play outside. They ask for it all the time. I have a 6 month and a 2 years-old. they are ACTIVE dogs, who… Read more »

Pam Mike Sayle

I’ve got chicken wire around my forging chicken pen. I can’t let Bella out when hens are in their pen because she slips under easy. They also dig.

Cindy Woytek-Boop

My boston are dearly loved. And when I work they stay OUTSIDE.

Cindy Woytek-Boop

Why do people on this site get so crappy… she asked a question….not to be insulted.

Ryan Roysden

Because some ppl have shitty lives and have nothing better to do except bitch for no reason! If your fence isn’t like there’s then it’s wrong! Lmfao! Most of the time it’s just a jealously issue…

Nicolas Racine

😉 I’m a “he”, but thanks for the comment. 🙂

Cindy Woytek-Boop

Sorry. I didn’t even look at name was just reading comments .

Ryan Roysden


Karin McNeill-Smith

Mine too

Chris Boyce- Brough

We have a 6 foot wooden fenced in yard for our pups. Bostons are smart, they need to be in a safe and secured outside space

Mike Beck

All mine do is stare at me..lol

Elizabeth Punkin Todd

Make sure you have a fence that will keep mean dogs out and keep your Boston in and safe.

Joanna Litchfield

What are you nuts?? You don’t deserve to have dogs, chicken wire????

Nicolas Racine

Do you have anything constructive to add to this very enlightening answer?

Pam Mike Sayle

Obviously, you don’t what chicken wire looks like. It’s not bad.

Lorraine Hamel

Bostons should not be left outside alone….they could get hurt with chicken wire….l would never chance. It!💕🐾

Charlene Marshall Aldridge

Unless they can climb, a 6′ chain link should work. I am having to put up another fence this week, my 10 pound rescue climbed mine. He’s indoors, but for those people with the attitudes, don’t want to stand outside with him everytime he needs to go out.

Linda Glover

Dogs like this goes in the house not outside

Mary Lee Hulse

Bostons want to be with you, not outside a lot. A 5 ft wood is what we have always had and it works. Need gates, but they will learn not to leave thru the gate without you. Some times they push the boundry, so keep them safe

Jay Ikemeier

He’s a Boston not a chicken 🐔lol wont hold.

Jill Allen

We have always used the underground fencing with huge success around our 3&1/2 acre property

Linda Rang

have boston terriers for years my husband put up a chain link fence also with locks on the gates never had any problems i think chicken wire would hurt them hopefully you have no jumpers i never did but know that some can be