What’s the Advices you would Give to New Boston Terrier Owners?


Most people who never had a Boston Terrier before have been in this situation, where you are just looking for advices to be a better Boston Terrier owner.

The question is now asked to those of you who are real Boston Terrier owners! If you had to give one or some advices to people who just got their first Boston Terrier…

What’s the advices or recommendations you would give to new Boston Terrier owners? 🙂

17 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Murphy Doing Tricks

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Pete Venters

You now have a member of the family,a child,full of love and character. I am not a dog but a gift,an angel ,a friend to share lifes journey with together for a season,my home will be in your heart forever.Give God thanks for me.I need food&shelter but most of all your love and attention.I am loyal,smart,loving and full of my own character.I like to snuggle under sheets and sleep with you,I can’t stand to hot of weather,hard to cool down with my short muzzle.Watch out, for I may get allergies to pollen,insect bites etc. Also make sure I visit the… Read more »

Gina Burns

yes chew toys galore – watch any toys that they can whip around and hurt their eyes with.

Bobby Roche

Learn 2 love farts

Robby Tisci


Elaine Perechlin

Talk to your Boston. They understand what you are saying. If you see an airplane, tell them it is an airplane. Just as you would teach a child. I always say our Boston has the intelligence of a 4 year old human child. He looks at me and seems to ask me with his eyes and head tilt. When I answer him he walks away and lies down relaxed. They are so bright!!

Lynn de la Torre

Socialize, puppy classes, play time and time to rest! Wonderful breed!

Maryann Julio Derksen

Bostons doesn’t have owners they have parents❤️❤️❤️

Evelyn Flynn

BT’s are more like a baby than a DOG.

Duane Merz

Lots of toys & walks. Control their area with baby gates instead of crates, and having a dog door so they can move in/out is recommended.

Angie Lilly

They make awesome pets the more time you spend with your pet the better they will be and they will listen to you better I have Two Bostons they are spoiled rotten they even sleep in the bed with us so just treat him like your child cuz they really are have fun

Lola Aponte

Mine are sneaky and persistent. Be aware!!

Jackie Pointer

Just love them they are the best

Tim Eberle

Be very careful with them in the heat!!!! They don’t take well in the heat!!! Lots of water and a wet wash cloth and wipe their chest!!! That will help cool them down, or just a pool!!! 🙂

Linn Kincaid

Susan Julian

Debbie McPherson Herron

They are stubborn but they will eventually get it. Burps, farts and tons of kisses. The noises they make are hysterical

Carol-jane Horn

Just love love love them!

Rob Doughty

Take them to puppy obedience class.

Ruth Quigley Bowen

Be sure you have a bug bed and lots of warm blankets.

Gail Joha

Their beautiful kick back enjoy

Crystal Bailey

Be firm in the training with lots of love toys and treats when they do it right

Craig Duckett

Between the farting and the snoring and the reverse sneezing there is a whole lot of love! A ton a love! A whole world full of love! Give it, take it, it’s a beautiful and precious thing.

Sandra Bohn

Love them dearly they are amazing

Jeannette Dodge


Jan Adams

Love them with all of your heart! This will consciously love your Boston more than any other dog in the world!

Melissa Leonard

Keep chew toys available. Walks or lots of play time, they are hyper, especially when pups. Keep ears clean, so no infections. More than anything, socialize to ppl & other animals!!!!

David Holt

They go well lightly breaded and pan seared in olive oil with a touch of salt and black peppercorns after removed from heat. I like to serve them with some garlicky mashed potatoes and a nice green vegetable like sugar snap peas or Brussels sprouts.

… also goes well with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Barb Phillips

Why did you post this ? If you think it’s funny…..it isn’t !

David Holt

Just because you have no sense of humor doesn’t mean that others do not, Barb. Do the world a favor and piss off.

FH Fryer


Rocio Lopez

Tengo una boston terrier tiene 5 años pero estoy muy preocupada x que hau días en que se levanta y no camina x si sola, me toca alzarla no apoya las patas de atras se va de frente no se q hacer? Me podrian ayudar gracias

Perly Vela

Necesita que la revise un veterinario de imediato. Eso no es nada normal

Lola Aponte

Parece distemper o alguna cosa así

Marilyn Morgan Holzerland

One or some advices? What country is this website in?

Sally Bozarth

Love and Farts. An abundance of both. <3

Jo Lewis

Not one thing could ever love you more in the world than a Boston ❤

Cassandra Crowell

My little Revy loves to walk( If she doesn’t get her walks in she has excessive amounts of energy she needs to burn), loves treats, has separation anxiety ( I’m home a lot so that isn’t a huge issue for our family), loves her toys, loves socializing with people, and some other fur kids.( Unless their the mean type then she doesn’t like being near them), She isn’t a huge barker, She follows me everywhere. I don’t have any issues with her chewing things she isn’t allowed to. She’s four, and pretty well behaved/ mild tempered. She’s spoiled, and very… Read more »

Jason Ed Oakey

Expect to start looking for brothers and sisters for them immediately. They are like potato chips. You just can’t have one. Proud caretaker of three

Donna Taylor

Enjoy every minute with a very special doggie! It goes by too quickly.

Patricia Hamilton

Save some snacks for yourself.

Lisa St John

Give it them a lot attention.

Noel Stiles

Love him to bits and he will return your love,

Noel Stiles

Don’t let him get too hot and don’t let him get too cold. For the first year he will chew things, cupboard doors etc. He will chew just about any thing while his teeth are troubling him. Like Ray Hill says provide him with chew toys.

Gail Robinson

Balls balls and more balls they need lots of exercise and so do you. They love to snuggle are fast learners very intelligent. They don’t like extreme heat or cold get a jacket for the colder climates. Very sensitive you raise your voice they think it’s them you are talking to.
Would have another sweet sweet dog

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Everything stated in comments. Incredibly smart. Loyal. Clowns. Curious. Flatulent. Snore!!! Bed hogs. High energy. Socialize early. Very sensitive, feelings get hurt easily. Don’t give in to the sad little face. Establish alpha position immediately or they will. Mine is a comfort dog at the age of 15 months. Once you have a Boston you’ll never want a different breed. Highly recommend Brett’s Painted Bostons in Shoal, IN. Wonderful pups. Worth being on the wait list.

Sandy Hyde

Potty training took longer than I thought. Patience is important because they get super distracted by all kinds of things instead of doing their biz

Megan Mays

They can be hyper and get seperation anxiety. Stick with a play, meal and training routine. And just because they are a medium sized dog does not mean they are non-destructive. Had a runt Boston that chewed up a coffee table and very thick telephone book while we were out of the house for a couple of hours. They get overheated too, watch for that. They are great dogs! I will own Bostons ’til I die!

Jan Getz-Rayl

Be VERY consistent with housetraining!

Mandi Palmer

Eric Palmer

Judith Neal

They are very playful and need lots of exercise ,but are loving

Edwin Henry

LOVE this dog with all your heart . you will be paid in triple !

Rita Coleman

Love them as they will love u!!

Tamitha Garry

Gas masks and febreeze

Sally Spikes

Patience, lots of love.

Peggy Oberg

considering my experience, prepare to be LICKED!! … ALOT !!!