When it’s Cold Outside, Rocky the Boston Terrier Wears a Shirt and Jacket


Here is a photo of Rocky the Boston Terrier dog at 5 years old from Canada.

He wears a shirt and jacket to keep him warm when it’s cold outside 🙂

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When it's Cold Outside, Rocky the Boston Terrier Wears a Shirt and Jacket

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Konn Maloku

Përparim Hyseni

Cheryl Ann

#LucyTheBoston thinks Rocky is pretty darn cute! But when it’s cold…she needs to be suited up!! It’s cold in Winterpeg!

Harley-Henson Wong

Raianne Gladys Wong

Nadia Pereira

My dogs have little jackets

Pedro David España

Cosette Guillermo de España

John Rowbottom

Reza Karamy

Joe Chastney

Peter van Gorp

Russell Lalevee

Ours too…

Gail Joha

So cute

Sharon Lovelace

Domestic animals cannot stand extreme heat and cold, not just figs and cats and those with short hair.

Sharon Lovelace

And appreciates it.

Kath Guillén

Sandra Mab

Marty Borden

Terri Beaber Borden….. Doesn’t this look just like Bella Boo? :O

Terri Beaber Borden

I think I have seen that expression from her.😀

Jeannette Dodge


Lorrie Henriquez

He is so Handsome

Faye Parton Flynn

so cute

Linda Walters Hess

Very handsome

Amy Waleski Chabot

#badass!!! Last time I put my Boston in a coat he tried to take down another dog…

Nicole Blakeman Digby

My Lola all snuggled up in her sweatshirt.

Sevasti Verdhi

So adorable I love Bostons. This is Lucy staying warm as well

Deborah Rianna Lombardi

He is so handsome!

Beth Hinz

Very dapper!

Robin Gaudreault

Karina Gaudreault

Carol Burek


Carrie Engebretsen

That’s what we do with Hudson!!

Judy Cameron

He is so handsome!

Karen Morris


Mike Nieuwpoort

Where did you get your little guy, I swear we have litter mates? Our Oscar is from Fenwick, Ontario (4 years old)

Yukiko Okabe

Love his jacket and jumpsuit!

Sally Bozarth

I get my Boston dressed up with so many layers that he looks like a fat sausage. He does not mind ONE BIT….lol….he would rather be warm. He has been wearing sweaters since he was a puppy, but I have a lined vest and a hoodie with sleeves that he wears in really cold weather.

Mt Thomas

Handsome boy! Harley and I have matching vest but she isn’t so happy about it. Lol

John Smith

Handsome boy!

Jean Colehour

He is so cute!!!! But his nails need to be trimmed. I had a dog that caught his nail on a deck board and we couldn’t get the bleeding stopped. Had to make an emergency trip vet to get it stitched. So much blood and my dear boy was in so much pain. Long nails are danger and very uncomfortable for the dog. 😦

Ria Kyriazos Benedict

Rocky looking dapper

Juan Salazar

Valeria Höller

Isabel Tipple

V smart.


Sure wish we had one of these little babies. We just can’t afford one now.

Scott Blowe

Leigh-Ann Turner Rideout

Peggy West

My Boston wears a red and black ski jacket… LOL…the way I feel is if we’re cold then they are cold… keep them warm…☺

Diane Volk

Rocky is handsome in his gear.

Christie Lee Boucher

Taylor Ferrari he is so handsome!

Maureen Gelling Malone

Looking very dapper there, Rocky

Nancy Jayne

Aww so darn cute. They like to keep warm not a lot of fur

Steven Will

Natalie Will

Bobbi Byrd

And rockin it too!

Sally Spikes

Handsome boy,they are very cold natured. So glad he is being kept warm.🥩

Sandra Mayhugh

That’s just too cute. Rocky, you took my heart.

Chelsey Raegen Knapp

Eric Hoshaw

Lacy DuPree Ratliff


Jan Lindahl

I love Bostons, they’re so cute.