Why my 3 year old Boston Terrier is Vomiting on an almost Daily Basis?


Here is a question from Brock asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices about her Boston Terrier vomiting.

She says : “My 3-year old BT is vomiting on an almost daily basis and usually first thing in the morning. Our vet recommended a 100% vegetarian diet to rule out allergies – she’s been on it for a couple of months but it doesn’t seem to help very much.

I thought it might be a breed-specific issue but haven’t seen any posts about it. Does this happen to anyone else’s BT? If so, what steps did you take to fix it?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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Why my 3 year old Boston Terrier is Vomiting on an almost Daily Basis?

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Mitchum Fegen

Our little Boston was doing the exact same thing. We changed his feeding times. He has supper around 8pm and then we get up and feed him before 6am again. The vomiting stopped.

Lynn de la Torre

Maybe try a veterinarian gastrointestinal specialist?? Good luck! 🍀

Lynn de la Torre

I agree with some of the other comments! I honestly can’t imagine giving a Boston a vegetarian diet?!?! Switch to another vet!! I took my 8 yr old girl to a veterinarian dermatologist for sore paws. She suggested Royal Canin PR limited kibble and wet food. Horribly expensive but she’s been miserable for close to 2 yrs. This is the first plan!! At least I have some hope now! 🤗

Mark Hutchinson

My little Sigmund has such a smushed face that his air way is always compromised – as such, he often will chuck up / particularly if he just ate/drank and then gets excited. It’s not uncommon in the breed. And, my question to you is..does he just randomly throw up / or is there a pattern that precedes the event?

My Boston started vomiting on a regular basis and blowing thick yellow gunk out his nose. His reverse sneezing increased dramatically. This all started when he was about 7 years old. We spent months and months trying different medications and switched him to a grain-free food. I tried two different kinds and he vomited more! My vet sent me to a specialty clinic where they did two nasal biopsies to confirm what they suspected and their diagnosis of Chronic Rhinitis was confirmed! Max is, and will be for the rest of his life, on Piroxicam daily. His symptoms stopped with… Read more »