Why my Boston Terrier Dog will Bark and Bark at my Room Mate?


    Here is a Question from April Anderson: Why my Boston Terrier Dog will Bark and Bark at my Room Mate?

    Why my Boston Terrier dog will bark and bark at my room mate

    “He is the only one that she does that with….. and she only started doing that when he moved in with me and my husband….. every time she sees or hears him (or even his name mentioned) she will go off….”

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    I have a Boston (female) 7 years old. She has NEVER barked. Wines if she doesn’t get her way, but NEVER barks.


    I have a Boston (female) 7 years old and has NEVER barked. She may wine once in awhile when she doesn’t get her way but…never has barked.

    Steven Bueno

    The husband should follow the dog and do a little investigation.

    Di Joyce

    I agree maybe your room mate has done something to your dog ?

    Sherry Phelps

    Trust the dog

    Valerie Dieling

    Maybe the Boston doesn’t like the room mate. Dogs know when someone doesn’t like them either.

    Daniel Hayden

    Trust the dog he’s not liking him

    Edith Pereira

    I would say that this person when you are not around or looking is probably hurting in some way your dog – get rid of this roommate- for me if my dogs are not comfortable around someone they are gone (especially in a relationship – you better be as crazy about my boys like I am or I will show you the door….

    Heather Smith

    My Boston always acted weird around my ex and come to find out my ex was yelling at him and mean when I was not around. Something is going on and your baby is telling you

    Corey Tieger

    Bostons are very smart. What kind of full grown man moves in with a married couple? He needs a job and his own place, that’s what the dog is barking about.

    Joanne Rose-Foster

    Ever hear the saying…if the dog doesnt like them neither should I, dogs have amazing senses towards people!

    Cassandra Burley-Sowa

    Mine did that with my boyfriends mom for a while… Protective. Now he lives her

    Debie Jo Lusk Danna

    LOL, Max…! Truer words have never been spoken!!! Dogs have that sense…

    Crystal Ollek Braddock

    New person in HER territory. He may want to carry treats in his pocket. That will make him much more attractive to her. If he’s stressed she could also be picking up on it and responding to it.

    Max Power

    well….. sometimes dogs know… that is all i am going to say