Why your Boston Terrier Dog Loves to Lick You?


There are many different reasons why a Boston Terrier dog is licking so much and usually it is a positive thing! 🙂

Dogs lick to communicate. Dogs also lick as a way to show respect, affection and submission. Dogs lick a lot, especially Boston Terrier dogs who have a reputation for excessive licking.

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Why your Boston Terrier Dog Loves to Lick Everything?

Reasons Why your Dogs may Lick You

1. For Submission : Your dogs may lick to show their respect for the dominant.
2. To Request Food : Your dogs may lick when they beg for food.
3. For Affection : Your dogs may lick to show their love.
4. To Taste : Your dogs may lick because they like the taste on your skin.

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Cindy Pope

My 4 year old female licks my legs and feet constantly. She also licks my lips and face and tries to get in my mouth. She has done this since we rescued she and her dog mom. Boston Terrier is now the only breed for me.

Kathy Cummings

After ours licks me several times, I tell her Mommy loves you too sweetie and she will stop. She is the sweetest little thing. My first indoor furbaby.

Shirley Burton

just giving doggie kisses

Katia Baumgart

I think it’s a small dog thing, my Yorkie licks a lot too 🙂

Amanda Thornell

*reads this as my Boston excessively licks me*