Would a Sweater be enough to keep a 9 Weeks Old Warm in the Winter?


Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Dae-Lae asking other Boston Terrier owners about a Boston Terrier puppy in the winter.

She says : “Hi.. I have a new 9 week old BT male and want to start potty training him to go outside. I crate him at night, and want to start taking him outside in the morning instead of his wee pads (the wee pads he use sometimes and other times in the wrong spot). My only concern is the winter temps in VA. Would a sweater be enough to keep him warm?

Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Would a Sweater be enough to keep a 9 Weeks Old Warm in the Winter?

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Michael Pierro

Have a blanket available. He’ll use it if he needs to.

Chris Boyce- Brough

Definitely a winter coat. Bostons don’t really like the cold and they don’t have thick fur, they get cold fast. Their dog bed is placed right below the heating vent and she goes there as soon as she hears the furnace click on.☺

Susan McKay McClain

Always under a blanket or two!

Anne West

This is how we do winter in New Mexico

Anne West

Yes, in my experience, a sweater and lots of yummy treats and cuddles works every time. Oh and set your heat at 72-75 and stay indoors. Yup, that should do it.😉

Noel Stiles

My Jonty carries his blanket to where ever he is in the house. He is at my feet while I am trying to send this. He will turn ten in February. Christmas Greetings. Regards Noel Stiles.

Kelly McCarn

Mine are underneath the blankets in my bed or covered up in theirs. Always. Summer or winter.

Charlotte Suzor

I use a heat I g pad under her doggy bed

Linda Holmgren

My Boston always buried herself in a blanket, the bigger the better!

Era Fae

Love picture

Jackie Pointer

She also needs a blanket they love their blankets

Nadia Pereira

We had problems in the Summer, with traveling with our dog in the car ,he overheat in a kennel. Finally we bought him a vest called Sleepypod Click it Sport and now he travels safely and comfortable seating or lie down in the back seat and dont overheat anymore

Ken Cook

..a sweater is fine..works well for walks too..

Susie Brobst Klindworth

Here is where our Barbie likes to hang out!

Diane Harris

A blanket too .x they like to snuggle in

Katie G Meyer

You don’t leave them outside for more tha 5 minutes. If you have to ask yourself how to keep your Boston terrier warm in winter you obviously don’t need a Boston terrier !!!

Tammy Wright

Really. This is not called for.

Christina Lopes

Canadian puppy. She has boots too that she just started to wear.

Noel Stiles

These little guys don’t like the cold and what’s more they don’t grow out of it. On really cold days some form of cover would assist in keeping the little guy warm. The summers will have you worrying about the opposite trying to keep him/her from not getting too hot.

Cecilia Röhr

Christine Röhr

David S. Robinson

My old boy Pete loved sweaters and in the New England winters, would wear them indoors. He would still get cold so I switched to a coat that could quickly buckle around him for outdoors. His feet would get cold quickly so I would often wind up picking him up and warming his feet.

Theresa K. Leicht


Elina Bobina

I make my Boston, Lola, sweaters out of recycled Cashmere. She has fleece blankets that she sleeps under on the couch, and at night she snuggles up under the covers with me.

Shirley Eller

I have a Boston puppy and keep him wrapped up in a blanket when he was 7 weeks old to take him out, put him down tell him to go potty and stay with him, pick him back up and wrap him back in blanket! I never would use a potty pad! I take him out all through the night, every time he wakes up, and about every 15 minutes through the day. I make it a routine. He is eight and half weeks and is now going outside through the doggy door on his own and back in. We… Read more »

Sally Bozarth

Keep an eye on him when he is outside alone. I never thought of it till it happened, but a baby Boston is a tender morsel for a big hawk or owl. I was out with my puppy standing near him and a HUGE owl swooped right down between me and my pup and I was not more than 5 ft away. He is bigger now, weighs 26 pounds, but I never have let him go out in the yard by himself since. Coyotes, bobcats…nope…not gonna risk it. I carry a 9 iron. 🙂

Shirley Eller

I don’t carry a gun or a golf club and have no desire to.
We have a privacy fence and live in the middle of town. I never let him out without me but still trained to the doggy door. I have three Bostons and they are our babies. We use to live out in the country and had three Bostons and know there are a lot of birds and animals that would take a small dog. Pack leaders need to look after their pack at all times!! I am their Pack leader!!!!

Jo Clark

Mine has an electric blanket and she LOVES it.

Melanie Thorp

They need to sleep in your bed with you 🐶❤️️🐾

Shirley Eller

Thank you!!!! We have a 8 week old, 5 year old and 8 year old Boston in our bed. I treat them like a baby and check to make sure they are covered and taking the puppy out for a quick potty through the night! Have him almost potty trained through constant work on my part!

Melanie Thorp

Shirley Eller my Darby is 8 months old she sleeps through the whole night now. She sleeps on my neck. She is such a ❤️ love

Jeff Connelly

Our dog loves the heating pad.

Carol-jane Horn

Adorable !!

Carol-jane Horn

Sure if you hold him in your lap After you put the sweater on him. Also depends on where you live. They need a Coat outside in the north for walks and a soft fuzzy blanket in their bed. If you keep the house warm that’s enough If you keep the house cool they need a sweater on inside. 9 weeks is still a Baby. They have very short fur and do not tolerate cold well at all. Buy a good book about raising a Boston Terrier puppy. They are very special dogs.

Sally Bozarth

Inside, of course, on the bed with the electric blanket on. I have the only Boston, who actually gets hot in the winter. Oh, and he has several fleece hoodies. His favorite is the camo one. 🙂

Nadia Pereira

We have a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog,sometimes after romping together they get hot in the house because we have the heater,i just put a fan for them and that seems to work fine to cool them

Amanda Dunaway

Quilted fleece for my 3 month old, Truffles!

Nicky Robinson

Their favourite way to keep warm !!


Kept our babies warm for well over 14 years. Depends on your area, but t-shirt to sweatshirt did fine..

Sue Vaughn

In my bed

Laura Munro

My old girl loved her plaid jacket…..

Bernie Christensen

They love sleeping under the covers , and get a baby blanket so when they are laying around the house you can keep them covered also I had a blanket baby in our car so even with a sweater our Boston also wanted her blanket.

Nadia Pereira

Mine like to lie on top of the blankets,never wants to be covered



Marti Marikovics

Our Boston loves to crawl under a blanket to sleep. He does this year round. He loves thick soft ones in winter. Always has a coat or sweater outside on cool days!

Delores Kirkwood

Get her a warm coat or sweater and a set of boots

Ryan Roysden

I have 3 Bostons, two of them hate the cold the other doesn’t bother at all ..just depends on the dog

Aida Brown

Boston’s loves to burrow , mine did.

Jan Getz-Rayl

It depends on where you live, but they really do hate the cold. Here in Wisconsin we put fleece-lined flannel type coats on our Bostons. We even got our American Bulldog to wear her little boots on a walk the other day.

Andy Jordan

American apparel makes great dog hoodies. $24. My full grown Boston wears a Medium. I’d expect a puppy to be a small

Megan Mays

My guy wears a t shirt or a cotton hoodie (gets too hot in sweaters) and has throw blankets all over the house.

Tammy Marie

Cuddling with me under the warm covers!! 💗

Sharon Lovelace

Not outside. They are not outside dogs.

Joe Szeliga

Same way you would keep yourself warm

Nadia Pereira

Keep it inside with the heather warm ,not too hot ,and buy him a dog coat or warm sweater ,and minimize the time you have them outside to short walks

Jan Adams

I had to knit one specifically for Baby Bea and it was still too big!

Wanda Huestis

OMG cutest sweater ever! You should sell them!

Jan Adams

I just downloaded a pattern for a new one. She’s a little old lady now!❤ I honestly believe that I pretty much made that one from scratch.

Anne West

I make mine out of sweatshirt sleeves