20 Important Things a Boston Terrier Owner Should Always Remember

Boston Terriers are unique dogs. They are lively animals with a lot of energy, but they are also extremely friendly and smart. These types of dogs are also really smart and easy to train, making them great pets for families.

If you own a Boston Terrier, there are some important things to remember when it comes to your furry friend. Here are 20 things you should remember if you own a Boston Terrier.

1. They are going to be really excited to see you.

Boston Terrier Jump for joy

Boston Terriers love their owners and they will probably greet you at the door every time you come home. These high-energy dogs jump up and down when they’re excited. Some pet owners may get annoyed by this, but it’s important to remember that you only have so long with your pet. Realize how much they love you and enjoy the time you have together.

2. It may take more than one try to get something right.

Head Tilt of a Boston Terrier named Milo from Cleveland

Your dog wants to make you happy. Boston Terriers are highly intuitive animals, so they know when you are pleased and when you’re not. Be patient with your Boston Terrier as they learn something new or try to follow a command. They are working as hard as possible to do what you ask.

3. Your Boston Terrier needs to trust you.

Bossa the boston terrier dog on the beach in thailandDogs rely on their owners for everything. They need you to provide food and water, exercise and playtime. Trust your Boston Terrier to love and care for you, and they will trust you in return. Your relationship with your dog will benefit everyone if you trust each other.

4. Try not to get too mad at your pet.

This Boston Terrier Girl is Feeling Guilty After she did Lots of Things Wrong!Everyone makes a mistake sometimes, including your pets. Your Boston Terrier tries their best to make you happy. Punishing them too severely can make them sad. You should not punish them by locking them up. They don’t have friends and family to keep them company. They rely on you for entertainment and friendship.

5. These dogs don’t love bad weather, so bring them inside.

Take me inside when the weather gets bad.

Your Boston Terrier doesn’t have much to protect them from bad weather. Their little bodies can be put to the test if it is too hot or cold outside. Remember that being curled up in their bed or tucked away inside is much better for your dog than facing the harsh elements outside.

6. Your voice can comfort your dog.

He's Waiting for a Game to Start! - This is Murphy the Boston Terrier from Scotland! People and dogs may not speak the same language, but your dog still loves the sound of your voice. Boston Terriers know your voice and associate it with happy thoughts. Talking to your pet throughout the day is a great way to connect with your puppy.

7. Boston Terriers need to be comforted when they’re worried.

Boston Terrier - Comfort Me When Im ScaredPets are sensitive to loud noises and strange people. It’s important to comfort your Boston Terrier when they are nervous or scared. If your dog is in a new place that’s unfamiliar or in a scary situation, stay close to them. They will feel safer and more comfortable if they are near you.

8. Make sure your dog is treated well because they will remember.

Boston Terrier puppy named juno from pressig, germanyDogs do not necessarily remember things like humans, but they still associate people with the way they make them feel. You have the power to teach your dog that humans are good and will love them. Reinforcing these positive feelings with your Boston Terrier will help them have happy memories as they get older.

9. Take time to play outside with your puppy.

Take time to play outside with your puppy.Dogs love to be outside. Your Boston Terrier enjoys the new sights and sounds of playing in nature, and they would love for you to be with them. Take your pet for a walk or play fetch together for a fun outdoor experience. Even sitting in the grass or lounging on the patio is a great way to spend time with your dog.

10. Dogs want to make new friends.

Dogs want to make new friends.Boston Terriers can be very social dogs, and they love to interact with other animals. It is always better to start socializing your pet when they are younger. This helps your dog build positive experiences with other animals and teaches them good manners when it comes to interacting with other people and pets. Take them to the dog park or visit a friend with a pet from time to time!

11. Your pet loves to get treats.

Your pet loves to get treats.Feeding your dog the right food is very important for their health, but every once in a while it is good to give them a delicious treat. You shouldn’t be feeding your Boston Terrier food from the table, but you can mix vegetables into their dog food or give them a dog treat. Treats are especially good when you are trying to train your puppy.

12. Pets should never be hit. (But you already knew that.)

Pets should never be hit. (But you already knew that.)Boston Terriers may try to act tough sometimes, but they are actually pretty fragile. They want nothing more than to love you and be loved by you. There’s no reason to ever hit your pet. If they do something wrong, you can issue a sharp command. That is enough to get them back on the right track.

13. Sometimes your dog would like to be alone.

Sometimes your dog would like to be alone.We all need our alone time, including your pet. There might be a rare occasion when they want to be on their own. They could prefer to sleep in a cooler part of the house one night or take a nap instead of play with a toy. It’s perfectly okay to let them have some time on their own. Chances are, they won’t want to be by themselves for long.

14. Take your Boston Terrier around and let them see the sights.

Take your Boston Terrier around and let them see the sights.One of the most fun and enjoyable things to do with your pet is to take a drive together. They love being in the car with you as you ride around town. Visit the local pet store where they are able to go inside and walk around or stop by park for a fun afternoon.

15. Make an effort to teach your puppy something new.

Make an effort to teach your puppy something new.Your Boston Terrier is extremely intelligent. If you want to keep your dog’s mind active and healthy, teach them something new. It’s never too late for your pet to learn a new trick or try something new. They’ll also love to make you proud.

16. It’s okay for your pet to roll in the mud sometimes.

It’s okay for your pet to roll in the mud sometimes.The great outdoors is a happy place for your dog. Sometimes they may play in the dirt and mud or jump in a pile of leaves. If you live near a lake or stream, they can enjoy a dip from time to time. As long as your pet is safe and happy, it’s perfectly fine for them to get a little messy.

17. Be sure to love up on your pet!

Be sure to love up on your pet!Your pet craves your attention. Boston Terriers love to be petted and rubbed by their owners. It makes them feel safe and happy to know you’re nearby. You can’t talk to your pet directly, but you can communicate through hugs and backrubs.

18. Your Boston Terrier can’t tell you if they’re sick, so pay attention.

Your Boston Terrier can’t tell you if they’re sick, so pay attention.If your dog is more lethargic than usual or doesn’t seem to have the energy to play, it could be a sign that they are ill. Also, if your pet is not eating and drinking like normal, it may be time to contact your vet.

19. Older dogs are just as loveable as young puppies.

Older dogs are just as loveable as young puppies. It’s easy to fall in love with a Boston Terrier puppy, but it’s important that you love them when they get older. As dogs age, they may be less energetic, but they still need your love and attention. Instead of tug-of-war, they may prefer that you curl up together on the couch or take a nap.

20. You can still love your pet after they’re gone.

You can still love your pet after they’re gone.Losing a beloved dog is tough. Your heart hurts because they are no longer with you, but you can be happy when you remember the great memories you had together. Stay with your pet until the end if possible, so they feel loved and protected as long as they live. Even if they are not with you, they are always in your heart.

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