$5000 Reward Offered to Help Get Justice For a Dog Severely Chemical Burned


    A Boston Terrier dog named Henri was brought into the Baldwin Park shelter in California, United States on 5/29/13, with severe chemical burns over most of his body, his eye ulcerated, blistered paws and starving. Henri was found off Cogswell Rd and Ferris Rd near the 10 freeway in El Monte. Henri (name given at the shelter) died as a result of his injuries.

    Whoever did this is a danger to our community and needs to be brought to justice. Please help finding the person(s) responsable. Do you recognize this dog? If you have any information about this case, please contact Boston Buddies Rescue at 310-364-4543 or via email at contactus@bostonbuddies.org

    This is Henri’s story told by Boston Buddies, Southern California Boston Terrier Rescue :

    Henry was brought into the Baldwin Park shelter as a stray in this condition. The shelter called Boston Buddies and gave us 30 minutes to get there to pick up Henry or they were going toeuthanize him. A volunteer at the shelter wrapped Henry in a blanket and sat with him until we could get there. Henry whimpered all the way to the vet (who was on alert for our arrival) while Charla rubbed the small spot on his forehead that was one of the very few places on his body that was not burned or infected. Charla knew that Henry was in pain but it was not until they unwrapped Henry at the vet that she could see the horror of what had been done to him. Our vet believes that Henry’s condition was caused by a chemical burn. In addition to the damage to his skin, one of Henry’s eyes was severely ulcerated – perhaps another result of chemical torture. Although we had hoped that we could stabilize Henry and try to heal him, upon the recommendation of the vet and seeing how much pain Henry was in, we decided to help Henry cross the Bridge. Henry is now out of the immense pain that he was suffering – but we are determined to find the individuals responsible for this. Henry did have a microchip implanted in him – unfortunately, the chip was never registered. We have been able to find out that the chip was distributed by the chip manufacturer to Hunte Kennel Systems, a company started by the founder of The Hunte Corporation, the largest distributor-wholesaler of puppies in the United States. Boston Buddies is determined to bring those responsible for this horrendous deed to justice. We demand Justice for Henry!

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