A Tumor near the Stiches of a removed Tumor – Anybody had this Issue?


Here is a Question from Matthew asking other Boston Terrier owners about a tumor issue.

He says : “My Boston had a fast growing mass cell tumor removed from his front paw beginning of January and last week had 2 small tumors removed in arm pit area. I checked his stiches last night and he now has a pea shapped tumor right above stiched area . anybody have same issue?”

Does anyone else ever had this issue? Any thoughts, experiences or recommendations?

A Tumor near the Stiches of a removed Tumor - Anybody had this Issue?

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Bob Sutkoff

The vet removed a mast cell tumor from my Maggie. It grew back in less than a year. She had not removed enough tissue. Second time around it did not come back.

Trisha Cremmins

Keloid scars can develop depending upon the location.

Melissa Hardy Dybalski

My baby had a mass removed in October and three months later there was a spot that we thought was another mass. Had it removed. It eneded up being a granular mass, caused from one of her stitches.

Anna Watson

We were told our BT may have a mass cell tumor. We had it removed and was sent for biopsy that revealed it was inflammation due to excessive licking. Another has now popped up where it was removed. Scary stuff but could it maybe be this?

Matthew Davis

That’s what we hoped Busters issue was but it’s the bad kind

Anna Watson

Sorry to hear Matthew.