Adding a Second Female Boston Terrier Dog. Any problems?


Here is a question from Carrie asking other Boston Terrier owners about two female Boston Terrier dogs living together.

She says : “Hi I’m a Boston Terrier owner we have one female and would like to add a second. I have been told that two females may have more problems getting along do you have an opinion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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What are your Thoughts on having Two Dogs?

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Lynn de la Torre

I have 2 girls living together! For the most part, they get along like 2 siblings! Kaia is 8 yrs old and Anja almost 2. They will argue about toys only. They sleep together and you can always feel their love for each other!!

Delia Bragg McCreary

I have 2 sisters and they’ve always gotten along great!

Vouyouka Ageliki

I have two female one 10 year old and the other 1 1/2 they love each other!!

Laura Munro

I got a 2nd BT so my 1st one could have a friend… but they never got along … the new one wanted all the attention… eventually they were able to tolerate each other… but the 2nd one was still mean to the 1st