Adorable and Miserable Photos of Boston Terrier Dogs at Bath Time!


Some dogs enjoys their baths while others don’t like it!

Bathing our dogs can be a cute, tough and funny task. Because of this, here are some adorable and miserable pictures of Boston Terrier dogs at bath time! 🙂

Does your dog enjoy bath time? Did you took a great picture of your Boston Terrier at bath time? If you would like to add a photo to this page, please send your photos!

Enjoy these pictures of dogs while they take a bath and please SHARE these with other people!

1. They Took a Bath with their Shower Caps!

Boston Terrier Dogs in the Bath with Shower Caps

2. They are Ready to Take their First Bath Together!

Boston Terrier Puppies Ready to Take their First Bath Together! (Photo)

3. He Loves Taking a Bath with a Frog Hat!

Loves taking a bath with a frog hat - kotaro the boston terrier

4. She Thought it was her Pool but it’s Bathtime!

She thought it was her Pool but its bathtime

5. 3 Months Old Boston Terrier Gets his First Bath at Home!

3 Months Old Boston Terrier Gets his First Bath! - This is Charlie from Alaska

6. In the Bathroom with Bubbles!

Lilo the Boston Terrier from the UK in the Bathroom with Bubbles

7. This Dog Really Doesn’t Think He Needs a Bath!

Bert the Boston Terrier Really Doesnt Think He Needs a Bath

8. Taking a Bath!

Lainey the Boston Terrier Dog Getting a Bath

9. Boston Terrier in the Bath!

Dog In The Bath

10. Boston Terrier After the Bath! Cleaning the Tub?

Boston Terrier After the Bath! Cleaning the Tub?

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John Rowbottom


Dianne Kennedy

Sharon Day, this is for you.

Lauren Ethridge


Blondie Dean

Looking great


Good use for the conehead in the bath. I hadn’t thought of that for Lucy now that she has a cone head.

Olive and Martini

We hatez bath time!