After they had a Car Accident their Boston Terrier Stayed Dedicated to them


Here is story told by the owner of a little Boston Terrier dog named Ziggy a.k.a. “mr. Boogies” from Sams Valley, Oregon, USA.

“My fiancé and I were visiting my parents ranch when the car coming towards me crossed the double yellow line and hit us head on, and throwing us down a bank into a horse field. Ziggy was 6 months old. By miracle, all three of us were ok, kinda. Ziggy didn’t have a bump or scratch he was just terrified, for us.”

“I was driving, my man passenger. His head broke the windows and he was bleeding a lot. At the time I couldn’t breath very easily I hurt all over. He got me out of the car and I yelled for Ziggy and he didn’t skip a beat jumping from the back to the front and out the broken windows to my arms.”

“Neighbors called friends and family and the sheriff. The ambulance got there and took the 3 of us, Ziggy included to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, my fiancé was hurried in, they tried to do the same while telling me my “dog” couldn’t go in hospital policy. I tried to get up, hard to do I could barely breathe let alone move, told them he’s my 6 MONTH old kid and if he couldn’t go in then I wouldn’t go in until a trusted immediate family member was there, they were in the waiting room already but the hospital didn’t know this yet and I threw such a fit they said fine ok as long as he’s good.”

“For the next 6 hours they pulled glass out of my fiancée face and took scans of me. They took us separately to the MRI and cray machines, each time the nurse waiting while one of us called Zig to the others bed, they wouldn’t let him in the radiology area.”

After they had a Car Accident their Boston Terrier Stayed Dedicated to them

“My barely 6 month old Boston stayed like this, dedicated to is, growling and getting grumpy at anyone who tries to pick him up off our bed, until the hospital cleared us that evening. He can feel our moods and acts like a mind reader. We were terrified and hurt and he knew we just wanted him near us until we felt safe. If I have a pet soulmate, he’s it. Boston Terriers are the most amazing breed of dog and I hope everyone gets to at least know one Boston terrier in their lifetime.”