Any Advice to Stop my Boston Terrier Puppy to Bite me?


Here is a question from Aanddree asking other Boston Terrier owners how to stop her Boston Terrier puppy to bite her.

She says : “Hi! This is Olivia from Peru! She is 2 months old and bites everything… my hands, legs, arms and feet are destroyed because of her. Any advise on this please?”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Any Advice to Stop my Boston Terrier Puppy to Bite me?

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Cricket Hart

My 5 year old BT Lorenzo has never been a biter (unless you ” threaten” his momma) he does the lip over teeth only.

Patti Jenkins

He’s a puppy and will grow out of it. Chew toys.

Mona Dollarhide

First off, he’s a puppy!! They do that. Lots of SAFE chew treats, lots of play, the word “NO!” when they bite and tons of love, they need things to chew on and biting people is not allowed. They learn.

Rebecca Hatfield


Jeanette Lynch

You don’t they are LOVE BITES ❤️

Laurie Klein

Say ” ouch” in a hurt exaggerated tone. And then turn and walk away. Puppies are experimenting with the world and need to know what is ok and not ok. They don’t want to hurt their people. My pup bit a few times, and then she learned how to control herself. Now when she gets too wild and is thinking about biting, she grabs a toy to hold in her mouth. Give it time.