Anyone else have a Dog with an Obsessive Behavior?


Here is a Question from Kim asking other Boston Terrier owners about obsessive behaviors.

She says : “I have a 3 year female Boston named Nico. She is OBSESSED with licking rocks and bricks. She becomes very frothy in the mouth and almost cross eyed. She’s a rock addict. 

Nico has been checked out by the vet and doesn’t have any GI issues or deficiencies. Our trainer said it is obsessive behaviour and we should try to break her of it by distraction but if it gets worse or distraction doesn’t help she may need to be medicated. I am able to divert easily with distraction but it still happens all the time and I don’t want to medicate her.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do? Any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Anyone else have a Dog with an Obsessive Behavior?

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Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson

My 11 year old loves to go outside after it rains and eat all the worms. He goes all around looking for them. I call him to come in the house and he pays no attention to me.

Cat Cruse

With patience and distraction or training, licking the bricks and rocks may stop…or something else may replace it. Our (dearly departed) Teri had the same licking habit, only it was us she couldn’t stop licking *lol* I can’t help but wonder if she was bored, therefore developed the habit…? In any case, I’m thinking the licking is a “Boston thing” , and all we can do is make sure they aren’t licking anything hazardous if at all possible. Best of luck! 🙂

Antonia McGuire

My Boston Licks The Wooden Legs On A Wicker Foot Stool My Mom Used Before She Passed Away. My Boston Still Finds Comfort…..Licks, Smells, On Occasion Puts Her Toys On Top Of It.

Judy Durante

We could not bring any balloons in our house with my dog Bob. That included any blow-up furniture, toys or kiddie pools. Bob-dog would not stand for that nonsense!