Anyone knows Why my Pup dig when he wants to Sits or Lay down?


Here is a question from Sarah who wanted to ask why her dog digs when he wants to lay down.

She says : “Hi! I’m a proud owner of a Boston called buddy… he’s very bright I’ve already taught him to sit and to give a paw! I have one question though which I’ve googled but can’t seem to make much sense….my pup has started to “dig”…when he sits on my lap or if he’s in his bed or on the blanket on the sofa, he seems to do it quite a lot. Google suggested he’s doing it to get comfortable but he does it for around a minute or two? Any suggestion why he’s doing it or is this normal behaviour? Many thanks x”

Does anyone knows why?
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Anyone knows Why my Pup dig when he wants to Sits or Lay down?

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Vicki Lewis

I think it just some thing that

Lynn de la Torre

Both my girls nest like that. Just getting their sleeping quarter perfect! Must be a genetic thing!

Jennifer Mcconnell

Nesting instinct

Jen Holloway

bostons like to be under covers… all mine do