Are Boston Terriers Smart Dogs?

The Boston Terrier is a dog breed that is known to have a temperament that is sensitive, friendly, alert and entertaining. But are Boston Terriers considered smart?

If you are looking to get more information about the breed, you’re maybe wondering how smart are Boston Terriers?

Are Boston Terriers Smart DogsThey are Very Intelligent

A lot of people who have a Boston Terrier claim that their Boston Terriers are very smart and they are not wrong!

Why Boston Terriers are Very Smart?

They excel in a dimension of canine intelligence that is the adaptive intelligence. They have a very high ability to learn by themselves according to their past experiences and their environment. That’s why their intelligence can vary according to many factors.

They are Stubborn by Nature

Each dog is different but most Boston Terriers are very stubborn and they require a lot of patience when you train them. Sometimes they can understand what you are saying but they just don’t want to obey you.

Owners Answers : Is Your Boston Terrier Smart?

Here is what a few Boston Terrier owners had to say about it.

Deborah C. says : “Boston Terriers are very alert and constantly aware of their surroundings. Not only do Boston terriers understand many words they’re completely in tune with your mood. Boston’s have some human qualities. You can teach them so much. My Boston Bugs is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever been around. You can teach him to do something new in about 10 minutes. They are loyal companion dogs and love being with their people.”

Christina S. says : “My baby is such a smarty pants – he knows the names of all of his toys and fetch them by name, he has different ways of telling me he needs to potty, versus he wants me to throw his toys, he understands phrases like “car ride”, “walk”, and “grandparents” as different things. He’s excelled at agility courses. The list goes on and on, he continues to amaze me!”

Fiona D. says : “Absolutely, one of mine will start playing with a favorite toy of another of my Bostons so he will drop the toy he is playing with (the one she wants) so she can get it.”

Kristyn A-T says : “Our Boston Max learned how to play hide and seek. The kids would all go hide and when we said go find them. Off he’d go and find them all.”

Micheal G. says : “I was a dog handler in the military and can tell you they can be too damn smart.”

Tell us How your Boston Terrier is a Smart Dog

If you ask an owner, there may be several examples of the Boston Terrier’s intelligence. That’s why we would like to ask Boston Terrier owners about it. Do you have any stories related to your Boston Terrier’s intelligence? Share and leave your comments below!

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