Are your Boston Terriers Aggressive?


Here is a question from Brenda asking other Boston Terrier owners some advice because her Boston Terrier is being aggressive.

She says : “I recently got a Boston Terrier (had him for almost a year now) and I’ve always felt so alone. When I first received him, he was very difficult for me (still kind of is! I know he’s still a puppy – he’ll be a year on April 9th!)”

“I have a chihuahua and he’s a lap dog, always calm and wanting to snuggle and sleep all day. My Boston (his name is Bubba) has the energy of a bullet. We would play, walk, run with him for hours and he will still remain crazy!! This is not one of my worries as I have a family with a huge back yard and I can always let him run and get his energy out there. My question for you is : are your Boston Terriers aggressive?”

“I brought him to a puppy class, he successfully completed the first level but his socialization skills are awful… he does not know how to say hi and he will growl at any dog in site. Instead of just barking at them, he will run at them into their face and right up their neck and he will either bite or snatch their neck and continuously bark and bounce. I tried everything and he is still acting the same way. With this said, I am a very homebound person. I don’t go out too much so he isn’t the BEST socialized dog. I don’t find that I need to bring him to the dog park when he has all his friends (my family has 4 other dogs and he gets along with them PERFECTLY!) but with new dogs, it’s just been so stressful.”

“He also loves biting everything and although I can never catch him doing it at the moment, I’ve been trying to teach him NO when he bites shoes, curtains, etc. I’ve tried bitter sprays, vinegar, mint, essential oils, literally everything. I researched for help, asked vets, talked to hotlines – tried it all. Sometimes I call him “Bubba the Boston Terror!”

“Walks are okay since I have control of him and he usually moves along when I tug him a little. We have new members of the family who also have dogs; 1 shitzu and a lab and I’ve been trying to introduce him to them but he is mean… he will do his bouncing and nipping at the neck, growl, and bark, it’s all so embarrassing and stressful. I really do get bad anxiety when I think about it – I dread bringing him over to them to practice but I know it needs to be done. When he was a puppy (3 months or so) I brought him over to introduce them to our main family dogs right away and that is why he gets along with them perfectly now. It’s just new dogs that he can’t seem to handle. He also an alpha/dominant dog. You can put him in an area with a Great Dane and he will still act tough and he is VERY smart.”

“Is this normal for them? I heard Bostons are fight dogs, but are rarely known as aggressive and are actually the perfect companion… don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Bubba. I would never trade him for anything else, but these days I’ve been feeling very drained and he’s not growing to understand things. Am I being too judgemental? I know he is still a puppy and he has a lot of time to grow. I’m hoping that as he gets older, he’ll realize that there are much more to the world and new dogs are OK and that he’s not the only dog that exists in the world. By the way, he is great with humans – love them all, drowns all of them in kisses (sometimes he nips fingers because he gets so into licking and he doesn’t know what to do) but he is great with people. Any advice would be lovely. Thank you so much! Brenda”

Does anyone have any advice and/or experience?
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Are your Boston Terriers Aggressive?