Autumnal Pictures of Boston Terrier Dogs with Leaves!


If you live or if you have ever lived in an area where there is lots of trees, you are probably already familiar with seeing piles of leaves. If not, then you should now that this is a particular time of the year where all the leaves in trees are changing their colors to red, yellow and orange before they fall to the ground.

While these leaves can cause some trouble for us (humans) to rake them up on our yard, they are also fun and beautiful!

The following pictures are showing some Boston Terrier dogs who knows that fall and autumn leaves are fun! 🙂 If you have a great picture of your dog(s) with leaves, please Send your photo!

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1. First Fall at 12 Weeks Old!

First Fall of a 12 Weeks Old Red Boston Terrier named Jackson from Chicago, USA!

2. Playing in the Leaves!

playing in the leaves with his ball - rocky from ste-sophie quebec canada

3. The Bigger the Better!

Ruby the Boston Terrier from Waterloo, Indiana, USA - Photo 2

4. Posing in the Autum Leaves!

posing in the autumn leaves - dizzy from riga latvia

5. Autumnal Indignation

Autumnal Indignation of Bodie the Boston Terrestrial

6. Enjoying the Beautiful Colors!

Bostie Boys Enjoying a Beautiful Fall Day in Anniston, Alabama, USA

7. Kids Playing with Leaves!

Enjoying Fall Season - Luis the 3 months old boston

8. Enjoying Fall Colors!

Leo the Boston Terrier Enjoying Fall Colors

9. Leaf on the Head!

Boston Terrier with a Leaf on the Head

10. Two Dogs and Fall Leaves!

Two Dogs and Fall Leaves!