Boston Terrier Breed Standard


According to the Boston Terrier Breed Standard, the Boston Terriers are lively and highly intelligent dogs. One of the characteristics of the Boston Terriers is that they have an alert and kind expression which is reflecting their high level of intelligence.

They have a smooth coat which is generally brindle, seal or black. The dog must have white markings. The general appearance of the dog is a compactly built and a well balanced dog.

The head skull is short and flat on top. The ears stand upright. The eyes are large, round and set wide. The muzzle is short. The jaw is large and square with short teeth. The chest is deep with a good wideness and ribs are well-sprung. The shoulders are sloping and relaxed. This is why the Boston Terriers has stylish movement. The thighs are strong and well muscled. The tail is short. The feets are small and compact.

Boston Terrier Breed Standard

Weight Classes for the Boston Terrier Breed Standard :

  • Under 15 pounds
  • 15 to under 20 pounds
  • 20 to under 25 pounds

For more information about the Boston Terrier Breed Standard, you just have to visit the AKC American Kennel Club website.

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