Boston Terrier Suffered from Allergies since he is Baby – Anyone can Help?


    Here is a question from Angela Garzon asking for some suggestions to help her Boston Terrier named Otto with his allergies.

    She says : “Hello I need your help urgently. My dog just turned a year and he has suffered from allergies since he was a baby, first aroused food allergy, then we saw that is allergic to flea pipette pressenting bumps in all his face. And now there is something more that is generating allergy, more than a week ago he began with sneezing and runny nose, and now today he woke up with bumps all over her face. We took him to the vet and apparently the corticosteroids that have implemented are not working. Tonight he should remain hospitalized, but the problem is that We do not know how to manage their allergies by not knowing that is causing. Please has anyone experience something like this with your puppies, please any help about allergies.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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    This is a picture of Otto! πŸ™‚

    Boston Terrier Suffered from Allergies since he is Baby - Anyone can Help?

    … and this is a picture when he was a baby! πŸ™‚

    7 Weeks Old Boston Terrier with his Pijama on! - Otto from Colombia (Photo)

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? Please leave a comment if you can help him with his allergies!

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    I have the sweetest 71/2 year old Boston baby in the world. She has suffered from severe allergies most of her life. We’ve had the allergy test done, given steroids, done the shots….. You name it, we were willing to do it. Nothing worked except a daily steroid pill. That is not a good long term plan! Especially since she has had a serious bout with pancreatitis twice. 1/12 years pancreatic attack free now thanks to a strict prescription diet and boiled chicken. Her vet recommended a new allergy pill just for dogs about 1-2 years ago. The only disadvantage… Read more »

    Gemma Rivera
    Gemma Rivera

    We give our mama Lizzy apoquel too together with this special shampoo from the vet clinic. It really works, it even elliminates the odor that was caused by her skin allergy. And yes the shampoo and the apoquel are pricey but we still ended up with 4 Boston babies😍😍😍


    My dog is a feenchie she suffers bad with allergies I find a hypoallergenic wheat cereal and grain free diet helps , she suffers from hayfever too so had piriton once a day, her bedding is washed weekly in baby non bio only or white vinegar


    My two years old Boston Terrier take anti allergic two times a day,he is feeling better since he is eating Fresh Pet,chamomile tea cold compresses in his eyes help to soth irritation

    Chuck Chuckster Cramer

    Put him on a grain free diet also