Boston Terriers are Ready for a Happy New Year!


A New Year, a new start! The New Year’s Eve is that special day of the year when people from all around the world are celebrating the beginning of a new calendar year.

Take a look at these adorable Boston Terrier dogs who are ready for a happy New Year!

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1. Happy New Year!

Chance is Celebrating the New Year 2013

2. Sleepy New Year?

Boston New Year Pic with Hat

3. The New Year’s Eve Kiss!

New Years Eve Kiss

4. His First New Year!

Celebrating his First New Year! - Roscoe from El Salvador (Photo)

5. Happy New Year from Missy!

Happy New Year from Missy

6. Ready to party on New Year’s Eve! – Ella and Maggie

Ready to party on New Year's Eve! - Ella and Maggie

7. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Two Bostons