Can I be Making my Little Girl Unhappy by Taking her Everywhere with me?


    Here is a Question from Paige : Can I be Making my Little Girl Unhappy by Taking her Everywhere with me?

    “Background: Belle Starr is 18 months, she was spayed 8 months ago w/no complications. She was 8 weeks old when she came into our lives. She has slept in our bed every night since the first night we had her (except for 2 nights she slept w/my adult daughter who was home visiting). When we first got her I was working & she went w/me to work everyday. I have since quit my job to stay home full time & Belle goes w/me everywhere. She’s been on  countless road trips, to the river to float, to Florida to see the mouse (she actually stayed at the Disney Doggie Daycare – but only for an afternoon- not overnight) so you get the point. She’s great whenever we go into a store, etc.  She has a couple different bags we use & I believe she is comfortable & relaxed. I am constantly getting compliments on how well behaved she is. But a few people have asked me if she’s sick because she’s so quiet, etc. My Mom (who goes w/us a lot) sometimes comments on Belle “putting up w/me” & how Belle looks resigned to her fate . . . . But the few times I’ve left her at home (in the laundry room w/our toy poodle, w/food, water & toys) when I return home she gets  so excited to see me she goes into that “backward sneezing” thing & goes on for minutes. She very rarely has those episodes except for when I leave her & return.  So I don’t like leaving her & don’t very often. We I open the door to go, she’s right there & WANTS to come – but seems like she’s not enjoying it sometimes when we get out. Does that make sense? Is this a problem or do I just have too much time on my hands (to be worrying about something like this)?”

    Can i be making my little girl unhappy by taking her everywhere with me