Canon Powershot Power Of A Shot Commercial

    There is a Boston Terrier dog that is making an appearance on the new commercial about the Canon Powershot which is a small pocket-friendly digital camera. In the commercial, the small Boston Terrier dog named Vivi got super excited for watching what’s one the camera screen.

    This new commercial is called The Power Of The Shot. The commercial is about showing how much photographs are powerful and how much we rely on them to remember the amazing moments and people in our lives.

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    This is what It’s said about the New Canon Powershot Commercial

    Nowadays, we choose convenience and we compromise quality up to the point where the photos we’ve taken become nothing more than remembering when and where they were taken.

    Canon believes that a great photo should also make us “feel” the “when and where,” and the PowerShot camera exists for keeping such moments alive. This accessible, pocket-friendly camera captures the amazing in anything you point it at.

    It’s time we reminded the world that there are shots, and then there are shots that capture any moment in the best possible way. Shots that you don’t just look at, but shots you feel you’re a part of. Shots that trigger feelings as powerful as living in that moment.

    Watch the Canon Powershot Power Of A Shot Commercial

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