Chapata the Boston Terrier from Mexico City

    Here are photos of a boston terrier named Chapata from Mexico City. The photos were sended by the owner of the dog for being featured here on the Boston Terrier website.

    This is what Chapata’s owner says about the photos : “Her name is Chapata (as in Ciabatta, the italian bread) She is from Mexico City and became my baby puppie two months ago. She jumps like a big rabbit and is an expert thief of sandals. She tooks every slipper she can find in my closet and takes them to her bed. I don’t mind because she is super cute, she waits until I wake up at the side of my bed without awekening me or making any noise and she loves to sleep lying in my belly when we watch TV together.”

    Chapata the Boston Terrier Inside the Car in Mexico CityChapata the Boston Terrier Sleeping in Mexico City

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