Chubby the Boston Terrier from Philippines


    Here is a photo of a boston terrier dog named Bianca aka Chubby. Chubby is from Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines. This photo was submitted by Chubby’s owner for being featured here on the Boston Terrier website !

    This is what Chubby’s owner says about the photo : “Her name is Bianca a.k.a Chubby. We live in Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines. Chubby is such a cutie patootie. She never failed to make us smile. She’s so adorable that even when asleep, she can still make our hearts melt while watching her. She’s the baby of the family. Because of her, we now love Boston Terriers so much! ;)”.

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    Chubby the Boston Terrier from Magalang, Philippines