Cooling Off in the Brook! – Izzy Bel from Boston, USA (Photo)


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier named Izzy Bel at 2 years old from Boston, MA, USA.

    This is Izzy cooling off in the brook at the dog park.

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    Cooling Off in the Brook! - Izzy Bel from Boston, USA (Photo)

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    Michael A. Aurigema

    So cute. I try relentlessly to get my Boston into the water. Walks on the beach, going in the pool, etc. Ive tried everything. He hates water so much, he wont even drink from the hose or go outside when its drizzling. U should see the sh!t fit he throws when its bath time, lol.

    Douglas Peters

    Wow, none of my Boston’s ever liked the water. Sending out in the rain was like water torture for them.

    Megan Mays

    that’s a big catfish

    Heather Gunderson
    Heather Gunderson

    Precious picture!