Dangerous Household Products For Dogs

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    What are the poison, toxic and dangerous household products for dogs?

    Dangerous Household Products For Dogs

    The following list is including the toxic household products that dogs should not have access because they are poisonous to dogs.

    To protect your dog(s), you simply have to take the same precautions as with a child.

    Memorize, note or print this list to make sure you keep them out of the dog(s) reach. Please share this information so that our dogs can stay safe!

    These are the Toxic, Poison and Dangerous Household Products for Dogs

      • Antifreeze
      • Arsenic
      • Aspirin
      • Battery
      • Bleach
      • Boric Acid
      • Brake Fluid
      • Cleaning Fluids
      • Cigarettes
      • Crayons
      • Deodorants
      • Deodorisers
      • Detergents
      • Disinfectants
      • Drain Cleaner
      • Dye
      • Fungicides
      • Furniture Polish
      • Glue
      • Hair colourings
      • Herbicides
      • Insecticides
      • Kerosene
      • Laxatives
      • Lead
      • Matches
      • Metal Polish
      • Moth Balls
      • Motor Oil
      • Petrol
      • Nail Varnish and Remover
      • Paint and Remover
      • Perming solutions
      • Phenol
      • Rat poison
      • Rubbing Alcohol
      • Shoe Polish
      • Sleeping Pills
      • Soap
      • Suntan lotions
      • Tar
      • Tinsel
      • Turpentine
      • Woodstains

      If your dog(s) is having problems and/or if you suspect your dog(s) has ingested any dangerous and toxic household products for dogs, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible!

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