Do Boston Terrier Puppies have Separation Anxiety?

Here is a question from Samantha who wanted to ask if Boston Terrier puppies have separation anxiety.

She says : ” Hello, I’m a first time Boston Terrier owner and I adopted Luna in January. I’ve had dogs all my life but it has to be at least three years since I owned a dog. I have a couple questions but my main question is do Bostons have separation anxiety or something of that sort? I only ask because when I leave Luna when I have to go to work I come back she has torn her puppy pads and thrown her bed around. I recently bought her a crate but I’ve been reading it is not wise to leave a puppy under 6 months in the crate for too long. She is 3 months. I’m just a concern Boston Terrier owner. Anything can help thank you! “

Have you ever had a Boston Terrier with separation anxiety?

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This is Luna! 🙂

Do Boston Terrier Puppies have Separation Anxiety?

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