Do you have any Advice about a Boston Terrier who has Developed Separation Anxiety?

    Here is a Question from Helen Basten : Do you have any advice about a Boston Terrier who has developed separation anxiety?

    “I believe my Pipi has developed separation anxiety and the reason I say that is when I have to go out I put her in her crate, even if i’m gone for only an hour she pee’s in the crate, she never used to do that. I’m wondering if it’s because i’m home with her most of the time, also I believe she thinks she’s the pack leader, therefore when I leave she becomes anxious because she hasn’t approved my leaving… sounds stupid but that’s what I’ve read out there. Not sure how to handle it so I wanted some input… I was thinking I should put her in the crate for short periods while i’m home so she can get used to it again. I forgot to mention she never uses the crate when i’m home not even at night she sleeps with me. I’ve also thought maybe I should take all her bedding out when I have to leave and let her stay on the crate tray. Another point why I believe she thinks she’s the pack leader is when we go for walks I was leading her leash all the way out, which is about 15 or so feet and she was doing the leading, I have since changed that and am having her walk on a short leash beside me, she still will pull some and try to lead. i’m kind of at a lose, some advice would be appreciated.”

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