Do you have any Idea what this may be? Skin Allergies?


Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Sarah asking other Boston Terrier owners about the red on the skin of her Boston Terrier puppy.

She says : “Going to take my boston to her first puppy vet visit, but do you have any idea what this may be. I thought maybe it was skin allergies because I heard that’s common but it doesn’t seem to even bother her.

Does anyone have any idea, experiences or recommendations?

Do you have any Idea what this may be? Skin Allergies?Do you have any Idea what this may be? Skin Allergies?

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Bill Taylor


Sharon Boan

Mine was flea allergies too. If she gets even one flea on her she will break out like that…but no fleas…no problems 🙂

Celia Jenkins King

It’s allergies. Glacier peaks has a DNA allergy test you can do for around $80. My bosty is allergic to chicken, beef and a lot of other things. I even had to take the ivy out of the yard. I also give him a bath once a week. He’s doing really good now. I also put coconut oil on his food with ground flax seed. Do the testing and quit guessing.

Christ-l L'égarée

What diet do you use?

Roxana Smith

Red mange maybe my puppy had it, got it from his Mom several patches with no hair red skin, Vet said it would never go away, but he gave me meds to control it


It could be mange– go to a vet immediately before it spreads all over his face.

Billie Lewis