Does Anyone have any Suggestions for Stopping a Dog to Chew on Furniture and for Another Dog who doesn’t Listen?


    Here is a Question from Cassandra Burley-Sowa : Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping a dog to chew on furniture and for another dog who doesn’t listen?

    Two boston terrier dogs who chew on furniture and doesnt listen

    “I have 2 Boston’s, same litter. They’re good dogs however, my female likes to chew up our carpets, my surround sound speakers, my vehicle, and even wood trimming when she’s left alone and my male doesn’t listen, he instead thinks I’m playing and runs away as if we’re playing chase.

    I’ve tried everything I can think of with these two. I don’t scold her unless I see it happen but they now are crated when I’m away. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can help me?”