Does anyone have Experience with their Boston getting Car Sick?


Here is a question from Lori asking other Boston Terrier owners to help her Boston Terrier who is getting car sick.

She says : “Does anyone have experience with their Boston getting car sick? I’ve tried many tips such as booster seats, crates, etc. Looking for something more holistic, as opposed to drugs like Cerenia. I tried 1/2 Dramamine and she got sick on the tablet! I appreciate any tips. I will try whatever to help my girl 🙁 “

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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Does anyone have Experience with their Boston getting Car Sick?

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Linda Maddox Beamer

Give Dramamine

Marcelo Magalhaes

Fabiola FBersot Magalhães

Tammy Knode

My furbaby would get car sick if she couldn’t see out the window. I have a bed for her and she can see out the window and she’s fine. I am kind of the same way when I fly. I have to have a window seat so I can look outside but if I have to sit away from the window then I get airsick.

Laura Munro